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Audio Effects
Downloads: 10 013

Changes the High Pass Filter’s cut-off frequency in correspondence to input volume. The lower the input volume, the higher the frequencies producing the effect [options added]

Available on : PC


Audio Effects
Downloads: 59 255

The effect waits for a loop to be called externally and raises the key once a loop. The key is reset if the fx or the loop is turned off.

Available on : PC Mac PC (32bit)


Audio Effects
Downloads: 7 109

In time with BPM, produces a cyclic change in the stereo orientation but maintains a constant total sound volume with select frequency band for effect(HI, MID, LOW)

Available on : PC


Audio Effects
Downloads: 6 754

Creates echo decreasing according to the beat button’s fraction synchronised to the tempo. Launch new echo each time you press any button.

Available on : PC PC (32bit)