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djmellobeatz started a live broadcast : 5 minutes agoListen to this broadcastheber rex started a live broadcast : 6 minutes agoListen to this broadcastgabycorrea added a forum post : 7 minutes agoBeta testers wanted, Codename Routine  [VirtualDJ Plugins]mondogar added a forum post : 12 minutes agoNetsearch not working in latest build  [VirtualDJ 8.2 Technical Support]Its_Jake added a forum post : 45 minutes agoHow to turn off Auto-Pitch?  [VirtualDJ 8.2 Technical Support]Bokzer added a forum post : an hour agofirst time setting up a digital rig, need help  [General Discussion]Robdiggity uploaded a podcast : an hour agoRandomness Mix 8issues the revisionist uploaded a podcast : 2 hours agoMy VirtualDJ Mixissues the revisionist uploaded a podcast : 2 hours agoMy VirtualDJ Mixanyels added a cloudlist : 2 hours agomerengazoUser14331635 added a forum post : 2 hours agoVirtual dj8 not stable  [VirtualDJ 8.2 Technical Support]
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