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djbaPRO InfinityMember since 2006
Hey all,

I just downloaded an app on my Android phone called DJ Control. It emulates the Hercules DJ Console RMX. You also have to download and run a little program called DSWifiMIDI. Basically what DJ Control lets you do is control Virtual DJ (or any other DJ program that will work with the Hercules controller) from your Android device (in my case, my cell phone) through a WiFi connection. I just set it up and it seems to work fine. I was able start and stop both decks, change pitch, send each of the decks through the "Cue" channel, and even scratch a bit.

I will keep playing with it to see if I can setup a peer-to-peer WiFi connection between my phone and my computer and get it to work through that.

I also noticed that there are several apps in the Android Marketplace that mention Virtual DJ specifically. I will have to check those out.

Posted Thu 01 Dec 11 @ 4:46 am
keep us posted..

i have only tested fingerplaymidi

this works ..but maybe there is one which works better

greetz from bavaria


Posted Thu 01 Dec 11 @ 7:58 am
Finger play is much better then is one. It's pretty, just the players no browsing tracks or folders. Everything can be mapped and it will control VDJ but I wasn't impressed. Id just install SplashTop and use a touch screen skin. But even with that you can't do videos, an error about DirectX and SplashTop not playing nice together..

Good Luck

Posted Thu 01 Dec 11 @ 9:11 am
but how to download ? link plz wer can i download >>>>>>>>>>?

Posted Thu 08 Dec 11 @ 10:14 am
SBDJPRO InfinitySenior staffMember since 2006
Android market is the place to get Android apps...

Posted Thu 08 Dec 11 @ 11:45 am
After installing the Android APP "DJ Control" I loaded all the various drivers and various MIDI loopback methods but never once considered testing it first with a simple USB connection between the two on Windows 7. I was trying to do the entire thing via WIFI right off the bat. You will come to find that peer to peer does not work to connect the ad-hoc Windows 7 computer to an Android 3.2 phone. The list of networks on your cell phone to connect to only displays access point connection and not availavble ad-hoc (peer to peer) connections that are actually available. I could see my PC broadcasting the ad-hoc connection via a wifi annlyzer app but the list of native connections via the standard list provided through the menu of Android from which you can select to make your connection intentionally BLOCKS the inclusion of any and all available ad-hoc connections. The text of the DJ Control app said you can use an access point connection or peer to peer (ad-hoc). Ther are Android ad-hoc apps but they all want you to ROOT your cell phone... no thanks! My time is worth more than that if I screw it up. I located a program called "connectify" ($30 on the net) that turns your PC into an access point from which your Android cell phone can make the network connection without using a router. In fact it turns you pc into a psuedo router and let me connect to my PC and have internet through my wireless netbook and my android was connected to the internet through my netbook. It is extremely easy to use and does have an ad-hoc mode but your connection problem will be in the Android which inhibits the connection without ROOTING your phone. Having said that, I have not had success yet in the basic functionality of the andriod app with the Viftual DJ program. Having seen a previous post that you got this to work, offers me home of success. I am confused by the MIDI I/O being rerouted. I get the concept but not the know how to complete this yet. I will try with a USB cable and see what happens. I happen to have that Hurcules controller but wonder if the app will still work without it to be connected. Can you tell me if your success was with the controller actually connected when you got the app to work? Or, did you use some sort of ghose emulator of the controller when your test worked? Thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer regarding success and I hope the networking information was helpful.

Les Draper
Little Rock AR

Posted Thu 29 Dec 11 @ 8:17 pm
For Android users, I found a network solution for the entire remote desktop using WINDOWS 7 HOME (yes, you read this correctly... the home version) which does not require you to ROOT your Android phone or tablet. Mac computers too! Ipads too! XP and other Windows OS too! It required that I purchase two products that cost me $35 total and I got this working last night after seening this video below on UTUBE.

You will notice that the youtube video is showing the entire desktop of the computer on your cell phone. It is not limiting you to only the virtual DJ application but you can run your entire computer remotely as well as other computer applications. This means you can forget about the midi yoke and all that in my previous post. You are not messing with midi controls at all. There is no mapping of anything!!! You merely run your Virtual DJ application as it sits right now on your PC from your cell phone my bringing your entire desk top into your cell phone!!! To top it off you do this over wifi and you need to external network from a cellular tower or cable tv connection because your computer and your cell phone are their own network used two simple to use tools.

I found the ultimate Andriod solution for Windows 7 HOME users. The problem with Windows 7 HOME version is that you have no remote desktop options withing the Windows 7 operating system unless you pay $199 for the Prodessional, or the Ultimate, or Enterprise versions of Windows 7. That left my poor little Windows 7 Home version on my netbook out in the cold UNTIL if found and Android app that offers me the RDP tools for my Windows 7 HOME operating system for free but to use it with your Android you will need to pay a hefty $4.95 in the Android market. You need to understand that the RDP layer is only the remote desktop functionality, it does NOT create the networking layer that is needed to operate the remote desktop. The remote desktop is also available for Mac too, not just windows users. Windows XP users can also use this solution but the applications suggest using a dual core processor. My little netbook lacks one of these and it is operational with no degration to this fine product that Virtual DJ offers!

You will need a network connection. The problem with the Android is that ad-hoc connections inhibited from being on your list of wifi connection points when you look at your wifi connection list. There are other apps that make you root your cell phone but there is a term that they call cell phones that people have tried and have failed to root their cell phone. They call them a brick because they are no longer usable. This solution does not establish an ad-hoc connection, it creats an access point much as your home router does when you see it on a list of things to connect to from your computer. In fact this solution turns your computer into a wifi hot spot for your cell phone. That is only the establishment of the NETWORK between your cell phone and your portable computer. Once the NETWORK is established, then the Remote Desk Top program layer can run. You will want to create an access point on your PC so that access point is visible to your cell phone WIFI connection where the ad-hoc connections are inhibited by Google Andriod operating system. The selection of your access point setup over an ad-hoc (peer to peer) setup is so simple, anyone can do it since it is only a drop down menu option on this product. There is no messing with IP addressed or Midi mapping of any kind since you are not getting into the Virtual DJ product at all! You are merely establishing keybord, screen, and mouse connections to your cell phone in a single data stream using the remote desktop product and the networking products I will mention. Any networking product will do if you are able to make the wifi connection another way. The remote desktop merely runs on top of any method of establishing your network. On my cell phone dragging the music to the turn table is complicated without a mouse but the remote desktop has two mouse click buttons on the screen. I use the keyboard to select my song, then right click to load it on the turn table before kicking it off and all trough my Android 3.2 phone. I happen to use a T-mobile G2 but dont see why any Android phone won't work.

The establish my computer as a "hot spot" for my Android cell phone to connect, I used this product and paid the $29.95 for it.

As a side note, if I were in a hotel room with one single ethernet connection into my netbook, it would broadcast a wifi internet connection for others to connect creating a wifi router out of my netbook. That alone is pretty cool for 30 bucks. Again, this setup is extremely easy and anyone that fails to fully comprehend networking can do it. You dont need to mess with complicated things. There are even people to help you. I didnt have to ask anyone and it worked as soon as I downloaded it and in simple terms told it what I wanted to do from drop down menu options. I even asked it to reestablish connection when the computer booted and it did so flawlessly.

After I learned that this was possible, I searched for the right remote desktop application to fill the gaps that were lacking in the Windows 7 HOME version of the operating system. I read that XP might have RDP facillities built where Windows 7 does not but I am not certain... and no matter since I would need to have an Android client anyway and this product seems to provide all that for me free with a nice interface. In the more expsensive versions of windows this is included. I read where people purchased remoted desktop Android Clients for Windows 7 but failed to tell you that you need one of the top three Windows 7 products in order for it to run (this after they paid 25 bucks in the android market and never got their money back). Because Windows 7 HOME lacks the Remote Desktop (RDP) server side of this equasion I had to locate something that will manage that for me. This product does that for Androids. It also provides MAC and (i believe all Microsoft Windows) products server side tools that are free to use. These toos ride on top of the network layer that you establish (how ever you will) and then provide streaming information to multiplex all communication I/O for keyboard, mouse, and computer screen. You need to download the free server side product onto your PC or MAC to send these signals over the network to your cell phone. You need to purchase the app from the Android market place and once downloaded, both sides of these products start looking for each other and mine connected almost instantly.

The Android App is called: Splashtop Remote Desktop
and is download in the Android market place for the client side and the server side for your Mac or PC is free on their web site.

Here are some reviews:

To be sure all of this works without an internet connection of any sort, I pulled the power plug on my router in the house and rebooted my PC and the android to PC connection was establised and my desktop still appeared on my cell phone... Yippie!

Happy computing. I hope that clears a few things up for a lot of you out there.

If you feel squeemish about this solution, you can write to the Splashtop people and ask if your cell phone will work with their product. Mine is a T-mobile G2 on Android 3.2 but am thinking any Android os phone might work... but I have been known to be wrong. The author's of the product should know for sure... anyway, its only 5 bucks for the Remote Desktop and I would have paid an easy $50 for it considering the alternatives just to have my Virtual DJ with my at my side all the time :) I understand that there is a way using the remote desktop to assess your computer with VDJ at home from anywhere in the world with your cell phone using this tool over the internet.

Les Draper
Little Rock AR

Posted Fri 30 Dec 11 @ 11:53 am
Nice write up but it's old news, lol! A lot of us have been using splash top foe awhile now. I use it with my xoom and it's pretty nice.

Good Day

Posted Fri 30 Dec 11 @ 2:07 pm
And I got SplashTop in their New Year Sale for $4.99US (£3.21GBP)



Posted Sun 01 Jan 12 @ 1:09 pm
DAMILESPRO InfinityMember since 2007
Does anyone know if there's a way to have VDJ display the video in full screen instead of window mode when using SplashTop? Or is there another remote desktop app for the iPad that will do this?


Posted Sun 08 Jan 12 @ 2:51 pm
DAMILESPRO InfinityMember since 2007
Well, I guess I found a solution. Mocha VNC for my iPad workes pretty well. Now just need to work on a new skin for it.

Posted Mon 09 Jan 12 @ 12:25 am

Posted Tue 14 Feb 12 @ 9:02 pm
Have a look at Teamviewer. It's free for personal use. Got it working om my SE X10.

Posted Wed 15 Feb 12 @ 7:51 am
I got a viewsonic viewpad that natively runs windows 7, it has 1.66ghz and 2gb ram so it runs it's own version of vdj using djdads touch screen skin, that I can plug my idj and audio 2 into if needed for some impromptu fun at parties.

Posted Wed 15 Feb 12 @ 8:16 am
Not a good idea In some cases like mine. It seems to disconnect the controller after using for awhile.

Team Viewer was a neat Idea, but impractical. A dedicated app would be Ideal.

Posted Thu 16 Feb 12 @ 10:47 pm
JameySewell wrote :
Team Viewer was a neat Idea, but impractical.

It is. But to me that's the problem with every remote-control app. It's more of a gadget, nothing serious ;)

Posted Sun 19 Feb 12 @ 6:44 am
blckjckPRO InfinityMember since 2008
I see a few people buying an app for ~$30 to turn their PC into an access point. Wouldn't it make more sense to do what I did and get a cheap wifi router from Netgear, Linksys, etc. Then your PC doesn't have the load, multiple devices can access it?

Posted Sat 10 Mar 12 @ 11:21 am
I got a Galaxy SII(Android) and I use it with DJControl. After many tries I could make it work but let me tell you something, there is nothing like iRemote for iOS(iPhone, iPod, iPad)

DJControl sucks! There is so much delay between the app and vdj. So here is where I would love to have an iPhone again for using it with VDJ :(

I hope somebody makes an Android app like iRemote.

Posted Sun 06 Jan 13 @ 3:43 pm
TRy Touch OSX....

maybe more interested i try to do an own Skin for us...
its simple and quite good

Posted Tue 08 Jan 13 @ 8:17 pm
SBDJPRO InfinitySenior staffMember since 2006
I've had my hands very much full with other things, but this is definitely on my to do list - high up it too!

Posted Tue 08 Jan 13 @ 9:48 pm
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