Just a father of 5 who happens to spin records and books a show or 2...............

Resident DJ at the 21st Amendment in Sioux City, IA. OpenFormat for the most part but my heart lays in Trap and Hip-Hop.

I also teach what Ive learned over the years and I myself am still learning this craft. Ive meet a lot of names over the years both big and small and Im grateful for everything Ive done thus far.


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djrbreezy wrote on Fri 15 Jul 16
Appreciate the love homie!!!! TRAP and Dub is the bomb hahaha
tonys party time wrote on Wed 13 Jul 16
From DJ Hi-Tech (tonys party time) Okay guys here we go. I found a program that will work exactly what we're trying to do. thay give you a sms Number and allow you to use hashtags with Twitter or Instagram to receive pictures text messages or even video over virtual DJ window. all for a low Price. i have include a link to there site. And you can integrate it with virtual DJ's new ask the DJ software. Just add the # you want to follow on Twitter and it will follow song requests.
1rickyjey wrote on Mon 12 Jan 15
hola .... talves me puede indicar si hay como o no cambiar los puntos cue en el controlador denon mc6000 para individualisarlos y configurarlos no como hot_cue ... solo cue
junegales wrote on Mon 08 Dec 14
Accomplished Record player I have a large knowledge of different genre. mix's of genre from 1960 to now. R&B_Country_Rock_Blues_House_Pop_Soul_Rap.
Check Me Out Sometime You Will Never know. You Just might get Hook on June Gales.
djremix00 wrote on Fri 11 Jul 14
hey whats up? can you please send me the virtual dj sampler 48/ email is
pochitodj wrote on Wed 04 Jun 14
Thks for accept my add ;)
pseft wrote on Wed 28 May 14
roggie that :)
Billbwe wrote on Sat 15 Mar 14
Do you use playlists ?
prowler3 wrote on Fri 07 Mar 14
Have you had a chance to try out that Aux issue on the mixdeck quad?
jonpaulevans wrote on Mon 25 Mar 13
I could really use some help on how to record video mixes. I've been at it on and off for days
timaragon01965 wrote on Tue 05 Mar 13
i upgraded to the premium package how do i activate it to use netsearck skins and effects
locogary wrote on Wed 24 Oct 12
hola alguien q me puedayudrsoy nuevo esto
IRONWIL wrote on Sat 15 Sep 12
hey i was wondering on how i can get on virtual dj online radio and be able to spin
bboysnyper wrote on Mon 10 Sep 12
Hey man I checked out your latest vid on the scratch thread and I was wondering where did you get those scratch samples? I need some so if you can tell me how you got them id be greatly appreaciated
mj mix wrote on Mon 03 Sep 12
hey can you sent me that skin too i like it