Well I thought it was about time I gave up some info on myself...

I started DJing at the tender age of 14. A friend aquired an old fashioned "twin deck" which needed to be re-homed after a rather loud house party attracted the wrong sort of attention!!!

It was light enough to carry on your shoulder and we always connected to the hosts home hifi to make things easier. We begged, borrowed and very very occasionally stole vinyl to play and played whatever we could lay our hands on!!


DJReal NYC wrote on Thu 19 Oct 17
Production and gaming, will be Posting my setup soon, Much respect DJReal NYC
DJReal NYC wrote on Thu 19 Oct 17
HEY GadgetMan I build Custom PC's For Music
DJReal NYC wrote on Thu 19 Oct 17
WOW!!! That's a long time playing with music, I started at the same age but I go back and forth, long story, Hey
djalexreyes1 wrote on Mon 03 Jul 17
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Dazmax wrote on Wed 25 Dec 13
Hey Gadget. Merry Christmas mate. Wishing you and yours all the best for 2014 :-D
DJ BSTUNNIA wrote on Wed 10 Jul 13
emctsprime wrote on Mon 07 Feb 11
To the mix
dJ_ro_(ecu) wrote on Wed 12 Jan 11
I added u to my list friends...
Dazmax wrote on Sat 25 Dec 10
Hi Gadget. All the best mate. Have a great Xmas and a better New Year.
Seana23 wrote on Fri 24 Dec 10
Hi babes. i hope you have a lovely Crimbo. Thanx for all ya help last year. Bless you.

moramax wrote on Fri 08 Oct 10
Hi....thank u for the message!!;)
TearEmUp wrote on Sat 02 Oct 10
Cheers for the add, mate! ;^)
leeruffles wrote on Sun 19 Sep 10
Cheers for the add, not been on for a while. Yes I'm only down the road and I now quite often return to your little part of the world.....