1978-1993: Bedroom DJ
1993-1994: Hot 102.1 WLUM Milwuakee
1994-1998: Channel 1 Night CLub
1994-Today: Mobile DJ
1999-2007: Switch (Foam Parties)
2007-2007: V-BAR
2007-Today: La Cage Night Club (Nightly Resident DJ)


JayMSY wrote on Wed 25 Jan 12
Welcome aboard from New Orleans! I've been using VDJ since 2007 and totally enjoy it!
kradcliffe wrote on Tue 24 Jan 12
Congrats Jamey, welcome to the club:)
the SOUND INSURGENT wrote on Mon 23 Jan 12
THANKS for the add!! Look forward to your posts! Feel free to Holla at me anytime.....
JameySewell wrote on Mon 23 Jan 12
First post... YEAH! Finally making a commitment to Virtual DJ. Been hemming and hawing for a couple years now, trying to figure the best route for me.