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 Minimalist UX 2

Video Output
Downloads: 43 910

Circle titler visual, minimalist skin for radio-style broadcasts, transparent overlay over visualizations, wallpapers etc. And easily combined with chat screen grab, camera, logo etc.

Available on : PC Mac PC (32bit)

 Skin Builder

No full screen previews

Downloads: 51 246

Create your own skin choosing from a large modules library. Extract your creation using Skin Builder Extractor

Available on : PC Mac PC (32bit)

 Karaoke OSD 1 (light-right)

Karaoke Output
Downloads: 29 563

Karaoke next singer display skin for VirtualDJ 2018. Use any background image you want, or download "Karaoke Backgrounds" under "others" plugins from menu on page here

Available on : PC Mac PC (32bit)