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Topic: New name for Virtual Dj 8 - Page: 1
I've been using VDJ for a while now and one of the things that keeps boring me is the fact of some (many) people (dj's, club owners and party producers) doesn't take VDJ serious mainly by the name.

They say "the name says it all" ... and they also say that the fact of the past of the software being very popular because of the "Automix" feature, leaves no confidance in Dj's using the software.

I know many VDJ user with similar "scratch live" skins, and even similar "traktor pro" skins... this is really annoying and as an Atomix public supporter (My personal MySpace, Facebook and Twitter) that leaves me sad cause i believe in the project, people love my work but i've been loosing some gigs cause of VDJ. Even Dj's with Deckadance and other new softwares doesn't have that feeling, since other dj's says it's new software and should be tried on.

About VDJ they don't even try it, they say it's for kids, and to play around for bedroom dj's.

I wish ATOMIX may give their different versions different names and default skins, so the pro version may have a new "face" that can help the users to bee seen more seriously.

Anyone agrees with me?

X-CLUB is a suggestion...what do you think about it?


Posted Tue 21 Dec 10 @ 11:07 pm
Wow!! What a shame to loose a gig because of the brand name of DJ software you use...I don't see that going on in my area. The proof is in the pudding so to speak. VDJ is PRO DJ/VJ software, period! Geez I see a new thread starting up titled "A DJ is'nt a DJ unless he/she uses brand X software"

I just don't understand the hate towards VDJ...I downloaded the trial version and started giging with it right away and was more than happy to upgrade and get a premium membership..It added huge value to the service I offer my clients.

I say keep the name and let the haters keep on hating.

Posted Tue 21 Dec 10 @ 11:37 pm

Posted Tue 21 Dec 10 @ 11:51 pm
Jam Master Rob wrote :
Wow!! What a shame to loose a gig because of the brand name of DJ software you use...

Yes Jam Master Rob, that's true, but you realize the djing goes for trend such as fashion...the trend now is Software + Midi, but there are also trends concerning the software you use. In a club not many days ago, i was waiting to start my set, and the dj playing at that time used "Traktor Pro" and Timecode Vinil, When i set up my laptop and opened VDJ, he simply started laughing and sayd..."another one using toys"...

Please see that the dj playing after me used Serato Ich and a midi Controller only and both the warm up dj and the club owner said...that's cool!!
Serato rules! I was Pissed Off and tried to talk to the local dj community to real friends and the opinion was global. The name doesn't seem pro, and even after they tried the software that they loved (VDJ) they said to me: Luis i would never play live on a software like that...i liked more than TRAKTOR that's sure, but TRAKTOR give us "status" and VDJ don't.

As you all may imagine, i play for pleasure mainly, but the gear doesn't buy itself alone...i need the fees to get my gear, and of course to have an extra income.

As Phil Morse said on the Review of VDJ 7 (
"Virtual DJ sometimes gets a bad press. Maybe it’s because the manufacturers and developers, Atomix, began many many years ago making some seriously toy-like DJ software of the same name (mind you, it would run on anything).

Maybe it’s because the company doesn’t have “pedigree” by not being an all-round electronic musician’s software developer like Native Instruments. Maybe it’s just because the “Virtual DJ” name itself gets “real” DJs’ backs up."


Posted Tue 21 Dec 10 @ 11:52 pm
I'm gonna pass on this one. It's like deja vu all over again.

Posted Wed 22 Dec 10 @ 12:51 am
When I was dj'ing in Clubs (not that long ago) I was one of the first in my city to DJ with a computer, One of the first to do Full video.

And still got flack from using "bedroom DJ software" even when I could do things they flat out couldn't (before Serato video)
But for some reason I kept getting the calls, and the same guys showed up to the gigs and bitched me out, it was kinda funny after a while.

I'm out of that rat race and happier for it, I make more money that ever doing weddings and corporate parties.

It's goes back to the old salesman's expression: "Sell the Sizzle; Not the Steak"

If you want to nail down the club gigs you want, you have to sell YOURSELF, not your gear Offer something to the club that the other DJ can't. Can you bring in 100 people that will pay cover and spend 30 bucks each? Can you do a webcast from the club? Can you arrange for a brewery or liquor rep to come in and do a promo party at the club with you as the DJ?

It's about the Hustle and the sales pitch more than the software.
Figure that out and you'll make money.

Develop a business plan, break it down into smaller tasks and do one or two at a time until it's done.
I haven't fully done this for myself and I think it shows in my lack of sales, however I still do 4-5 gigs a month and they all pay head and shoulders above anything I ever made at any club I worked at.

Posted Wed 22 Dec 10 @ 12:54 am
What a load of crap. I have been using DJ software to gig with since 1999 and not once have I been asked what software or computer I use. It's your talent as a DJ and the music you play that gets the work.

PS in all the time I have used VDJ I don't even know how to turn automix on.

Do we have to go over this yet again?

Posted Wed 22 Dec 10 @ 1:19 am
kradcliffe wrote :
What a load of crap. I have been using DJ software to gig with since 1999 and not once have I been asked what software or computer I use. It's your talent as a DJ and the music you play that gets the work.

PS in all the time I have used VDJ I don't even know how to turn automix on.

Do we have to go over this yet again?

Please no. Help me baby Jesus. Help me Oprah.

Posted Wed 22 Dec 10 @ 1:27 am
Nope, I don't agree with you at all.

Virtual DJ is a well-known and well-established brand and if the name would really be such a big issue for anyone else than a small minority of fanboy-haters, Numark CUE would have surpassed VDJ in market share ages ago.

If people are so desperate to hate VDJ that the only diss they can come up with is the name, I'd say that's a sign of Atomix Productions doing a good job. After all, one could compare Serato and Traktor to their namesakes - a cheap Korean car and a slow farm vehicle. If one was a 5-year old, that is. It's not like any DJ-software out there is any less "virtual". However, if one wants to be accurate the more approriate name would be "Virtual Decks" since it's the decks that are virtual, not the DJ :)

As for your suggestion "X-Club" - hell no! I'm sorry, but that's just terrible. I can't think of a more boring, inoriginal and pretentious name. Not that I agree with chaging the name in the first place.

Posted Wed 22 Dec 10 @ 1:52 am
Well... you're very fortunate no live in countries that think like that, but here in Brazil it's all about trends. In my area (House Music) it's all about what the major international dj's "wear"... it's not me that makes the rules, but yes...

Digital Djing with software is new here and the software (cause it's a area arriving both for the Dj's, Club Owners and Party Organizers) matters...
Like all we don't know we are sometimes "afraid", that's the spirit here! And due to the marketing made by other software companies, VDJ doesn't have "status" to be take seriously.

Don't get me wrong, i love it, i use it, and i wouldn't change it even with this kind of issues, but honestly, even if they like my work, my sound, my dance floor dancing, they would prefer someone else in the same level as me with for ex. Traktor (cause the major names in Dance use it worlwide) understand?

I've been doing all the marketing, and i can't complain about gigs, but i could have more if this "status" issue was solved.

@ kradcliffe

I don't think it's a load of's the situation i deal locally... if you are not asked what software you use i'm glad for you, but keep in mind that the market isn't equal worldwide, and i have to deal with this everyday for the reasons i've already explain.

I only ask a few understanding not more.


Posted Wed 22 Dec 10 @ 1:56 am
Why not download a Numark CUE skin and say that you use that?

Posted Wed 22 Dec 10 @ 2:29 am
taylaPRO InfinityMember since 2007
You think rebranding will make an instant change in peoples attitudes towards any product, don't think so, they rebranded a chocolate bar over here from Marathon to Snickers to bring it in line with the American market, years later and milllions in advertising spent the wrapper may have changed but it's still known as a Marathon.

Never once have I been asked what software I use by a venue, in fact the only ones that do are the guys that come up and ask how in the hell can I do that stuff on the screens, with the occasional dick head thinking they are something else, but best put down for them is... I'm workng tonight your not.

Don't know why this subject gets dragged up every so often, only thing I can think of is some people suffer from very low self esteem...

Posted Wed 22 Dec 10 @ 3:41 am
Just don't mention you use VDJ or lie, change the skin.

Only time I had this was when I wouldn't use Pioneer over a midi controller and subsequently got sacked.

When applying for work as a pro DJ you always have to submit a photo and demo, if the face doesn’t fit!!!

You just have to learn to roll with the punches.

And people wonder why I'm so agressive, sharp and stringent, as long as everythings 100%, 99 out of 100 wouldn't dear question you.

It's a bluff DJing, do as i said, re-skin your software and lie.

Posted Wed 22 Dec 10 @ 4:22 am
no one ever searches to see if they've brought up the same damn subject that's been re-hashed over and over and over...

i have a better idea: lets tack on a really tacky i- in front of the name! wouldn't that just make us seem more trendy and "usefull" and make people buy it?

i've seriously lost track of how many times this same subject has been brought up over the last few years, and holy crap i hope it gets locked soon, but if they havent changed the brand name in all these years then why should they do it when vers. 8 comes out?

for that matter why not get the people that make serato to change its name? what does the word "serato" actually mean and what does it have to do with playing music on a computer other than being the company name?

Posted Wed 22 Dec 10 @ 4:26 am
What in the world is "XCLUB"?? That sounds like one of those cheesy wanna be raver club where you'd only find men all strung out on pills..........

Try again, lmao!!

Posted Wed 22 Dec 10 @ 4:51 am
Whilst I would never suggest that re-branding Virtual DJ is a viable proposition, I have encountered (on one occasion) negativity towards Virtual DJ.

I was approached by the entertainments manager of a chain of nightclubs and asked to submit my resume.

I had a reply from the person, and I quote "...we do not see Virtual DJ as professional grade software and therefore we won't be taking our discussions with you any further..."

I was taken aback by this remark, but to be honest I wouldn't want to work for someone with that kind of attitude...the interesting thing is that when I play in towns where the company he works for has a venue, the venue I'm at is always is more important...the name of the software I use or the sound of cash registers being filled?

I know the answer from the venue owners point of view.


Posted Wed 22 Dec 10 @ 5:04 am
SBDJPRO InfinityDevelopment TeamMember since 2006
It's ironic that so many users hate on a system that has sync functionality. SSL users are notorious for it (they are about the only real system without sync now though) which is amusing when they are all raving about the bridge with integrates with Ableton - probably the most sync happy software out there. Given that SSL will likely be getting auto-sync functionality there will have to be something different for them to hate on.

Even if they rebranded people would still know it as VirtualDJ.

Personally I reckon if you don't like a feature then you don't use it. I could care less what other DJs are using - I use what works for me and what suits my workflow.

Posted Wed 22 Dec 10 @ 5:12 am
luistfashion wrote :

I wish ATOMIX may give their different versions different names and default skins, so the pro version may have a new "face" that can help the users to bee seen more seriously.

Might come something like that, maybe .. for those who want to run a more die hard mode, or get in situations where there are fanboys of other dj software are trying to prevent use of other things, based on their own elitist views of what they themselves uses.
A special mode or special skin ..

But that being said, i see FAR and FAR less of that around these days.. :)
VDJ seems to be accepted into almost all scenes, and even hardware companies like Denon etc are putting VDJ logo on their gear.

So the old days of "vdj is cheat and automix" i think are mostly gone ;)

Posted Wed 22 Dec 10 @ 5:47 am
this topic gets BEAT to death. Why is it i NEVER get comments like these. most of the time i have dj's on my nuts asking questions like, how do you get the text messages on screen, how do you have all the logos and promo on screen, wow you don't have to change your transitions every time, oh shit you have effects built in too etc...... People who have a problem getting gigs maybe it's your skills and not the software you use. I have noticed that the artform of djing is falling by the waste side and "how you look" djing is more of a concern to people. Funny thing is i own various digital djing software and they all site on my desktop watching the back opf the VDJ GUI being used for ALL my gigs. I love when i see a clown with a MB Pro and SSL and can;t mix two tracks without screaming over the transition or using some drop to hide the train wreck.

as for using VDJ vs other software who gives a shit they are ALL the same concept and quality now a days and its a matter of personal preference.

If you believe the software makes the dj then you better go buy yourself DJ Hero and get practicing.

Posted Wed 22 Dec 10 @ 7:12 am
CMBDJPRO InfinityMember since 2007
I think the "toy" rep mostly comes from the fact that bedroom djs have been using cracked versions of the program for so long. I'm guessing that's why they made a free HOME version available to try to cut down on all the cracking.

VDJ is a solid product, and like others have said, you have to sell your skill, not your software. I personally hate the spinning platters. And that may also give off a "toy" look. That's why I use a different skin. If your software of choice is a problem, then perhaps you should invest in that software to enable you to get those gigs. I think it's stupid you should have to do that, but you gotta do what yo gotta do.

Posted Wed 22 Dec 10 @ 10:29 am
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