Guitarist (30 years!),beat maker(Ensoniq Samplers,Yamaha,Emu,Moog synths,Roland,Alesis Drum Machines,(20 years).Dj (17 years ),Guitar Synthesist,Into Dance music since the Electro Boogie (crossed over from Fusion)...Was gonna work with Chris Barbossa (Shannon) during the beginning,played with members of SHEILA E.,Santana,and more,met Juan Atkins Right after he recorded "Clear"!!,knew Doc Martin in the beginning of the S.F. house scene,just connected with DJ DiMitry "from the Haight" (San Francisco!)who was the main character in the movie "Groove"...Now using Virtual Dj and its skins and plugins, MODIFYING some cool Skins and learning about xml scripting with Virtual Dj and Producing my new style of HOUSE\ELECTRO tracks,I'm better known as the MasterTracker so ...and music is my...


thetracker510 wrote on Sun 09 Jul 17
For those who dont know...I produce and Remix tracks..2017 and still feeling it
thetracker510 wrote on Fri 30 Sep 16
Got the EDM down !!!! My Resent Remix Of the Prodigy.Check me out on Youtube & Mixcloud (Mastertracker510) and Soundcloud (The Tracker510) for my Latest Productions.
thetracker510 wrote on Mon 24 Aug 15
Producing up a storm! go to my Soundcloud/thetracker510 and or my youtube
thetracker510 wrote on Sun 12 Apr 15
2015 and I am producing music, midi tracks @ 5 a week! new in my arsenal ia a Akai mk49 keyboard and the NI maschine soft & controller plus thousands of synth plugins and a Numark NV its on its way...:)
ps:vdj8 rocks!
thetracker510 wrote on Thu 05 Jun 14
2014 and running my new Alienware m18x laptop with a mAudio Xponent controller and virtual dj is good...;)
thetracker510 wrote on Wed 23 May 12
3rd Alienware m9700 restored!!
thetracker510 wrote on Sat 21 Jan 12
thanks guys! just found another Alienware.will be restoring one out of both..i hope it works!
Deejay Corny wrote on Thu 05 Jan 12
Wish you a healthy 2012 and lost's of good times dj-ing!
DJ_Potter wrote on Fri 23 Dec 11
no, not at dj_ro is from Ecuador, I am from Peru. Merry Christmas greetings
dJ_ro_(ecu) wrote on Sun 20 Nov 11
Tranquilidad brother...
Deejay Corny wrote on Fri 22 Jul 11
VERY helpful blogs you got there Tracker! Thank you! Greetings from the Canary Islands...
cbgraphix wrote on Thu 12 May 11
slimcox1 wrote on Mon 07 Feb 11
Thanks for the add.