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SBDJPRO InfinityDevelopment TeamMember since 2006
New showlogo effect:

* Drag and drog positioning in the plugin window
* Precise mask colour selection
* Basic animations
* Transparancy

This is v1.0 so may be a few niggles, particularly the flickering in the plugin window which I will resolve soon!

Posted Tue 13 Aug 13 @ 6:40 pm
Your forcing me to return back to a PC Scott, lol!

I'm sure it's a great plugin and your work is always appreciated.

Posted Tue 13 Aug 13 @ 7:46 pm
djBAVPRO InfinityMember since 2011
Works great! Thanks Scott.

Posted Tue 13 Aug 13 @ 7:59 pm
dfyffePRO InfinityMember since 2003
beatbreaker1 wrote :
Your forcing me to return back to a PC Scott, lol!

I'm sure it's a great plugin and your work is always appreciated.

Beatbreaker Could you tell me why you switch to Mac, and the real benifits ?. Thanks

Posted Wed 14 Aug 13 @ 1:49 pm
Any suggestions of somewhere to find an easy logo animator?

Posted Wed 21 Aug 13 @ 11:09 pm
SBDJPRO InfinityDevelopment TeamMember since 2006
This plugin doesn't support animated logos. It does basic animation itself.

Posted Thu 22 Aug 13 @ 6:35 am
Ahhh, maybe I should take a closer look then... =)

Posted Fri 23 Aug 13 @ 2:26 am
Awesome plugin.

Posted Sat 24 Aug 13 @ 4:28 am
hejzanPRO InfinityMember since 2009
Cant get it to work.
The old Showlogo complians that file "d3dx9_32.dll" is missing.

Could it be the same fault that it doesent works?

Maybe it´s only for windows 32-bit. I have a 64-bit windors version.
Or other sugestions?

Posted Thu 05 Sep 13 @ 10:30 am
djBAVPRO InfinityMember since 2011

Posted Thu 05 Sep 13 @ 2:30 pm
hejzanPRO InfinityMember since 2009
It´s getting closer but not working,
Now when I installed it can load files in showlogo and showlogo+ but everytime I push "activate" nothing happens.

I got the same problem on my new laptop. On my old computers there´s no problem.

Same thing with slideshow,

anybody knows the solution?

Posted Sun 22 Sep 13 @ 6:36 am
djmilaPRO InfinityMember since 2008
you must hardware acceleration ON

Posted Sun 29 Sep 13 @ 3:47 pm
Just saw a animation that perhaps you could add to this, as it's a combination of two your plugin animations.
It is a couple vertical rolls followed by a couple horizontal rolls, then repeat.

Simple but looks good.

Posted Mon 02 Dec 13 @ 11:39 am
djmilaPRO InfinityMember since 2008
VDJ 7.4.1

not works / switch on = blank

vDJ 7.4 =Ready

Posted Sat 21 Dec 13 @ 11:58 am
PachNPRO InfinityMember since 2009
No, works like a charm.
Testing it at the moment.

Posted Fri 03 Jan 14 @ 5:08 pm
Wada?...I forgot to install this!...was still using the first version.checked it out last nite....Scott...I have to say this is awsome bro!...looks great with milkdrops behind it!...that's my boy...yeah!

Posted Tue 07 Jan 14 @ 1:16 am
well here we are again...I'm reporting this problem and threads get locked!...please...took me plenty to start a new channel on youtube for more personal videos and bug check at @ 1:52 in the video.I open the Showlogo+ and its off by a gets fixed when I realise the resolution issue..

Posted Tue 28 Jan 14 @ 7:22 pm
PachNPRO InfinityMember since 2009
Yeah, I think thats the same bug I reported earlier.

PachN wrote :

Currently, if I have selected a plugin (for scrolltext v2 and showlogo+ I can tell for sure) the activation button and param slider all show up. That's ok.
Now, I have mapped a button with the action "browser_zoom". If I run this action, the browser will maximize and still everything is ok.
After pushing "browser_zoom" again, browser resizes to its default dimension, but now I can't see the plugin buttons and sliders anymore.

Seem like they slip down out of the visible browser part.
You have to select another plugin and back to the one you acutally would like to have, to bring the controls up again.

Posted Wed 29 Jan 14 @ 4:39 am
when I select the showlogo+ plugin everything is blank, no sliders, no menu options, nada

win 8 dell 660 inspiron 8gb ram intel hd video card

Posted Fri 31 Jan 14 @ 7:37 pm
might be a windows 8 issue Graphix?...

Posted Sat 01 Feb 14 @ 5:06 pm
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