I WILL fill this in later. However for now I have been DJing from a PC since 2000, and VJing for about 5ish years, well since VDJ 4.3 if somone would care to tell me when that was, or when I reged!

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halo_djk wrote on Thu 03 Dec 09
I do have a v6 dac2 mapper, but it has two major bugs, that I'm waiting for the devs to fix before I can call it "complete", and release it.
halo_djk wrote on Thu 03 Dec 09
Hi All, as you may have noticed I don't check this wall often, to get in contact PM me for attention.
apedrotte wrote on Fri 04 Sep 09
also wanted to see if u had a vdj mapper for the dac 2 for vdj 6. i love ur mappers in the past i cant seem to get mine like urs. please help
dgruetter wrote on Fri 03 Jul 09
Hey just wondering if you are still using your DAC-2 and if you have a mapper for 6.0 yet. I did a basic mapper but was wondering about a few commands. Hit me up if you get the chance.


magnomix wrote on Fri 07 Nov 08
Hello Friend wanted to know if you can help your me to create a mapper for traktor dj studio with dac-2 I have dac-2 and covered looking for a mapper for in dac-2 co the traktor dj but nda with nothing of nothing please help me