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Topic: Colorized Audio Wave Form
Is there a way to colorize the audio wave in VDJ, like it is in Serato?

I like the waves side by side that are colorized. It makes mixing a no brainer, just match the pretty colors!

I have miixed on both but prefer VDJ.

Can the scratch skin have the colorized wave engine added?


Posted Wed 02 Feb 11 @ 2:26 pm
i want the same thing believe me

Posted Sat 05 Feb 11 @ 3:47 pm
Is it difficult to make a skin? I would like a skin that has 2 or 4 controllers with side by side colorized wave patterns scrolling from bottom to top, and the video boxes across the top of the page, where the colored wave patterns currently are located.

Where do we find info on how to make a skin?

Posted Mon 07 Feb 11 @ 11:25 am

Posted Mon 07 Feb 11 @ 1:28 pm
djkzPRO InfinityMember since 2005
how about making it a separate color for the high's and the low's same as 'song pos' in the rythm and scratch.

Posted Mon 21 Feb 11 @ 2:07 pm
Sounds like another +1 for my suggestion of a web page in the skins section that lists the skins down the lefthand side with a list of functions accross the top and tick boxes to show you which skins contain which functions.

Any takers?

Posted Mon 21 Feb 11 @ 3:20 pm
So your gonna switch because you can ride the waves better with the other programs?? Really.........


Posted Fri 25 Feb 11 @ 4:12 pm
beatbreaker1 wrote :
So your gonna switch because you can ride the waves better with the other programs?? Really.........


Any DJ should be able to mix without a colour waveform. It's purely aesthetic but of course because Serato has it then it must be for everyone.

Posted Fri 25 Feb 11 @ 4:47 pm
DJ azenPRO InfinityMember since 2008

I meant move over like let's no talk about this, since it's been discussed before.
relax fellas I'M NOT GOING SERATO OR TRAKTOR. but colorized the lows, hights etc would be great feature.

Posted Fri 25 Feb 11 @ 5:55 pm
Serato and Traktor both have colored waves now. It would be a nice feature to have the option to use in VDJ but not integrate it like the other two players did and make it a focal point. I think VDJ is way ahead of them in the area of innovation but believe in a world where appearances matter, VDJ needs to follow the competition (for once) in order to stay competitive.

A plug-in possibly?

Posted Mon 11 Apr 11 @ 10:44 pm
SBDJPRO InfinitySenior staffMember since 2006
superaceman wrote :
A plug-in possibly?

Would be completely impractical (verging on impossible to implement) as a plugin.

Posted Tue 12 Apr 11 @ 3:19 am
Color waves cause surfs up dude!! Let's ride the waves!! The wave shouldn't matter cause you mix with hue EARS.........

Just sayin.....

Posted Tue 12 Apr 11 @ 7:51 am
Totally agree Huey! I couldn't care less as I only use the waves to verify what my ears are hearing. I was thinking more of in terms of future sales for Atomix. DJs and future DJs tend to want all the newest gizmos, and colored waves tend to fit into that category.

Posted Tue 12 Apr 11 @ 1:07 pm
I know I was giving ya some $hit, lol! But yeah people seem to be stuck on these colored waves..


Posted Tue 12 Apr 11 @ 1:17 pm
DHoudePRO InfinityMember since 2009
I like the idea and when I tried Itich, I really wanted to like it. Maybe I am just use to VDJ but I find a properly adjusted beat grid is hard to beat. Think that is why Serato when that way.

Posted Tue 12 Apr 11 @ 2:24 pm