Pre-listening with headphones with Sound cards without ASIO drivers

If the sound card of your MIDI controller is offering 2 stereo outputs (for Master-Headphones), but still the pre-listening channel is routed to the Master Output channel, then do the following ..

For Windows

1. Rightclick on the Speakers icon you will find in your Taskbar and choose Playback Devices.

2. Make sure the Sound card you wish to use for Master-Headphones in VirtualDJ is not the Default device for Playback or Communications

3. Select the Sound card of your controller and choose Configure. Set the Speakers to 4 (Quadrophonic mode)

4. Back to the Sound Window (Playback devices), click/select the Sound card and then choose Properties. Select the Enhancements tab and make sure the Applied Effects are disabled


1. Goto Applications-->Utilities-->Audio Midi Setup

2, Make sure the sound card of the controller, is not the default one.

3. Click on Configure Speakers button at the bottom

and set the Speakers to 4 (Quadrophonic), from the Multi-channel tab

- None of the above is necessary if the Sound card is offering proper ASIO drivers.
- It is not recommended to use ASIO4ALL for those cases either.