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Automix is used to either use the Automatic Mixing operation or to create/edit Playlists. Drag and drop files from the File List or load a saved Playlist. Once Automix is enabled, the first track from the list will be loaded as next to the deck that is currently playing on the Master Output. VirtualDJ utilizes a single deck for Automix in order to leave the other deck(s) free in order to prepare for live mixing*.

The Will Play at field will display the time that each track will be played, based on the selected Automix type (files already played will be colored grey in this field.) The currently playing file in the list will get a blue background color and the next track will be the one below it.

  1. AUTOMIX WAVEFORM. On the deck that is selected to host the Automix operation, the top progress bar will show the current playing track and the bottom will represent the next track loaded from the Automix List. The white marked areas will indicate the start and end positions of the auto-mixing. These will be updated if a different automix type is selected from the Automix Options.

    Right-clicking the left side of the waveform will open the POI Editor to the Automix Mix In point of the upcoming track while right-clicking the right side will open the POI Editor to the Automix Mix Out point of the current track.

  2. AUTOMIX START/STOP. Used to activate or deactivate the Automix feature.

  3. AUTOMIX OPTIONS. Opens the options menu to adjust automix type, length and other various features:

    Start Automix
    Start/stop Automix operation
    Automix Editor
    Define how each pair of tracks will be mixed (see Automix Editor)
    Automix Type
    Select the type of mixing that will be used for the tracks
    VirtualDJ attempts to determine the optimal mix point based on the outro of the current track and intro of the upcoming track – mix time varies from ~4 to ~8 secs depending on the tracks
    Fade (remove Intro/Outro)
    Attempts to remove the dead air intro or outro segments and creates a crossfade point based on the selected Automix Length
    Fade (remove silence)
    Keeps the entire track from beginning to end while removing any dead air or silence that may be present in the track and creates a crossfade point based on the selected Automix Length
    Fade (remove nothing)
    Keeps the entire track from beginning to end and creates a crossfade point based on the selected Automix Length
    Fade out, Cut in (remove silence)
    Fades out the outgoing track and brings in the incoming track at full volume similar to how music is played on the radio
    None (back-to-back)
    This is a simple cut mix that plays the files from complete start to finish including any air gaps at the beginning or end
    Automix Length
    Choose the duration of the Automix type. This option does not appear for Smart and None types.
    Enable this option if you wish the List to be repeated once it reaches the end.
    Auto Remove Played
    Choose if the already played tracks from Automix operation will be automatically removed from the list or kept
    Removes all tracks from Automix List
    Play the tracks in a random order
    Shuffle Once
    Randomly changes the sort order of the tracks in the Automix pane
    Remove already played
    Remove the tracks already played (from Automix or not)
    Remove duplicates
    Remove the duplicated tracks of the list.
    Save the current list as a Playlist

Track Options

When Automix is engaged, right-clicking on a track in the Automix pane will reveal 2 additional options:

    Repeat song
    Continually repeats the selected track until the option is turned off
    Mix now
    Immediately mixes the selected track into the current track using the Automix mode that is set

    Play next
    When selected, moves the track up the Automix list to be played next

*Note: Automix is a single deck mode by default but can be changed to use both decks. If you prefer Automix to mix back and forth from deck to deck, go to Settings Options and set automixDualDeck to Yes.