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 Kazoo EQ Skin

I've made this skin to use in my iPad so I can quickly change the EQ and Gains on my decks without having to turn my head to the computer. Has a Scratch wave view and the name of the songs playing as well the BPM's. A simple Skin for a good use. Hope you l

Date added: Thu 03 May 18 @ 5:32 pmLast update: Wed 09 May 18 @ 2:02 pm


this skin based on 'Controller by DennYo' and supports VDJ 8.2. It brings new gfx, new additional features and the brand new browser split mode. You are able to show browserparts as sampler, automix, playlist, karaoke.... separatly above the main browser.

Date added: Wed 07 Jan 15 @ 8:27 amLast update: Wed 28 Feb 18 @ 2:10 am

 Pioneer DDJX Preparation

A one deck skin to be used for the preparation of your tracks, or can be used as a stand alone player.

Date added: Mon 04 Dec 17 @ 6:30 pmLast update: Thu 01 Feb 18 @ 7:23 pm

 Virtually Pioneer Touch

VERSION 1.0 - A Pioneer inspired skin with color and beat FX, along with large video preview screens and many custom panel options. All optimised for touch screen displays (1080 x 1920)

Date added: Sun 14 Jan 18 @ 4:30 pmLast update: Mon 15 Jan 18 @ 4:06 pm

 Numark N4

Based on the Numark N4 controller, this is a 4 deck hot swap skin in 1920x1080 resolution for audio or video mixing.

Date added: Mon 04 Dec 17 @ 7:05 pmLast update: Tue 12 Dec 17 @ 1:22 am

 Simple Ceremony Tablet

Just the basics, with large buttons and sliders. No need for a stylus.

Date added: Thu 09 Nov 17 @ 2:40 pmLast update: Fri 01 Dec 17 @ 1:44 am

 Numark Party Mix Pro

Tailored skin for the Numark PartyMix Pro. The same skin is installed with the VirtualDJ Limited Edition.

Date added: Tue 19 Sep 17 @ 2:30 pmLast update: Tue 19 Sep 17 @ 2:30 pm