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 PlaylistFixer 8

Downloads this month: 33
Total downloads : 3 622
Rating: 2.9

PlaylistFixer 8 is fixing your playlists and history files after you moved some files and VirtualDJ can't find them anymore. It is basically using the filename to find the file, but if it findes more than one file with the same name, it takes the one with

Date added: Mon 13 Feb 17 @ 10:15 pmLast update: Fri 19 Jan 18 @ 8:21 pm

 Freestyler MIDI Remote Control UI

Special Skin for Freestyler MIDI Remote Control plug-in

Date added: Tue 01 Aug 17 @ 9:37 amLast update: Wed 02 Aug 17 @ 4:30 pm


Downloads this month: 30
Total downloads : 3 780

Driver repairs your playlists and history files if you have changed your drive letter. It simply is searching and replacing the old drive letter with the new one in your files.

Date added: Tue 24 Feb 15 @ 5:10 amLast update: Wed 11 Mar 15 @ 8:23 am Comments

 DJ Patterns 8


Downloads this month: 29
Total downloads : 2 951
Rating: 4.3

DJ Pattern is a tool that shows you for a played track the following tracks and the previous tracks using your history files to gather the informations.

Date added: Wed 07 Sep 16 @ 5:31 pmLast update: Thu 25 Jan 18 @ 2:12 am

 Skin Builder Extractor

Downloads this month: 27
Total downloads : 2 012

 Freestyler Command Converter

This programm converts Freestyler commands from VDJ7 syntax to VDJ8 syntax. Simply import your VDJ8 database with the old Freestyler commands, review the converted POI's and export to a new database. PC only

Date added: Fri 19 Jun 15 @ 8:27 amLast update: Wed 16 Sep 15 @ 10:11 am

 Traktor Kontrol Z2 Trigger Buttons Template

This is not a mapper. It is a Controller Editor Template to set the buttons of Kontrol Z2 to trigger mode instead of the default toggle mode. Please click the "Comments" link below to read more about it.

Date added: Thu 29 Jan 15 @ 4:09 amLast update: Thu 29 Jan 15 @ 4:10 am



Downloads this month: 14
Total downloads : 681
Rating: 3.9

Play2Text may be usefull for professional broadcasters. It creates a text file or html file with the info of the currently playing track. It uses the history file to get those infos. As soon as VDJ writes to the history, the created file will update with t

Date added: Wed 16 Nov 16 @ 8:29 pmLast update: Mon 21 Nov 16 @ 3:56 pm