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I use the 3-D mixing 'cube' in VDJ between video mixes. Is it worth installing dual SLI 750MB video cards to absolutely guarantee performance or is it a waste of money. thks davefromlondon

Posted Wed 25 Apr 07 @ 6:01 am
lol, Don't know exactly what that card is but I'm going to say a waste of money?

You can do it with a single Nvidia GeForce 6600gt with 256M.

Posted Wed 25 Apr 07 @ 3:03 pm

If you have a lappy and need to upgrade video cards you are screwed. It would help if we knew what you have...

Posted Wed 25 Apr 07 @ 3:08 pm
DJ-ALFPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2005
I suggest this card:
The specs are:
Graphics Engine

GeForce 7300GT
Video Memory
128MB DDR3

Engine Clock
550MHz (I overclocked it at 700Mhz with no problem!!!)

Memory Clock
1000MHz(500MHz DDR3) (overclocked at 1600Mhz!!!


Bus Standard

Memory Interface
So, you see in red how good for overclocking is this card ;)
In 3D Mark 2003 it gets around 10000 points and overclocked over 13000! And it costs only 80 euro!

Posted Sun 29 Apr 07 @ 6:43 am
Dj XeoPRO InfinityMember since 2005
FYI i have a rig with a radeon 8500 and hardware acceleration works fine, as does the TV out function, not as harcore as my other machine. i cant realy justify spending big money on a gaming graphics card for my audio rig when any half decent one seems to work fine for VDJ (unless you are mixing VOBs with a ton of effects)

Posted Sun 29 Apr 07 @ 11:09 am

Posted Sun 29 Apr 07 @ 4:56 pm
JeremKPRO InfinityStaffMember since 2004

Posted Mon 28 May 07 @ 1:46 am
This is my problem THERE are just too many choices out there, and when you ask whats good you get a hundred different answers, this is killing me!! Can a TEAMER please tell exactly what brand and model number there laptop that they are successfully mixing videos on so I can just walk into a store and show them the paper I wrote it down and say "Here this is what I want, nothing more, nothing less." I prefer a PC sense I have never used a MAC before.
Thanks for your time and keep up the GREAT work!!!

Posted Sun 20 Dec 09 @ 10:19 pm
Name/model of the card: Nvidia GeForce 7000M/nforce 610 M

Laptop or desktop : laptop

Performance with videomixing internally, harware acceleration on, effects in use : Hardwrae Accel-YES, All functions perfect(FX,loops,cues)

Performance with videomixing on external monitor/screen, hardware acceleration on, effects in use: Accel-YES, all functions perfect(FX,loops,cues)

Posted Mon 21 Dec 09 @ 12:11 pm
Wrong Wrong Wrong!!! The cheap Intel PCI video card does the best for all applications. You don't need a Gaming video card to play videos. Do you know of a laptop that can't play a DVD? All of my videos are VOB. All of my computers are running Intel cards. Some are running Hercules mixers, others are running SL1 boxes and others are running MEP7000 with DJM5000 mixers. I multitask the whole time I'm playing. Recording cds, dumping Pictures from CF cards, never missing a beat. The gaming cards crash. If you are having problems with VDJ it's most likely your high speed gaming card or other settings.

Posted Mon 21 Dec 09 @ 4:22 pm
Intel 956 on my laptop with core2duo and Vista most stable machine and smoothest of the lot. Very slight (less than 1/2 second) video freeze on loading 20% of my videos, other 80% work flawlessly. Don't use many effects but video transitions and text 2d work fine. Can't seem to get RandomVideoTransitions or SBDJ Scrolling Text to work. Also transitions are very slow and sometimes freeze when going into/coming out of the clipbank that plays when I play and audio only file and RandomClipBank won't work either. I have no way to know if any of those problems are video card related or not.

Rackmout Case Has NVIDIA 9400GT PCI-E low profile card with core2duo and XP Pro. Same video freeze as laptop (but not necessarily with the same videos). I have had that video freeze on EVERY computer and EVERY video card I have ever used with VDJ EXCEPT a piece of crap E_Machines Celeron (yes Celeron) with a 7300gs and only 256mg ddr2 video memory....go figure!

Desktop #2 NVIDIA GT230 with core2Quad processor and Vista, Can't say one way or another about this video card as this computer has some other issues I haven't worked out yet such as the severe memory leak problem described in this thread,

it also is not recognizing e-sata drives, EXCRUCIATINGLY slow file transfer speeds and horribly slow internet.....this may just be a lemon machine (it is a Gateway afterall) with an impossible to trace hardware and or operating system problem. I am installing 7 on it over the holiday to see if that cures it.

Ironically it renders my video files edited in Sony Vegas with blinding speed!

Just as a side note I have never gotten any ATI card to work for me and NO NVIDIA card below the 7300gs.

Posted Tue 22 Dec 09 @ 12:06 pm
I'm no technician or programmer by any stretch of the imagination but it seems the CPU speed and bus speed of the motherboard make more of a differenc ein video mixing than does the video cards. It looks like a fast cpu (which is usually on a board with a very fast bus speed) will run fine with a cheaper, older video card like the NVIDIA 6000 series, but the higher end series and (supposedly) more powerful cards in the 8000, 9000 and the new 200's series seem to have problems unless they are also in a machine with a high cpu speed.

Posted Tue 22 Dec 09 @ 12:20 pm
I am in the process of building a rack mount computer for DJing, Karaoke and Video mixing. I want to get a card that will work flawless. I was looking into a 1gig card, DDR3, but was wondering if you guys have any suggestions of what will work flawlessly that is a 1gig video card that is easily available today. Thanks

Posted Sun 31 Jan 10 @ 10:04 pm
I think all the proven to work hardware should be listed permantly under general discussions in a new link for " system requirements and recomendations " There will be many more people asking about what works best tomorrow, next week and next year.

Posted Mon 01 Feb 10 @ 1:01 am
It would be great to have an sticky for future reference since it seems to be a very crucial part for video mixing. And updated since I just realized the original post was in 2007, lol

Posted Mon 01 Feb 10 @ 6:06 am

Video mixing in VDJ has two modes:
- None accelerated video : This needs a far less powerfull video card, but will consume more CPU and will NOT show video effects or transitions effects in "3d" or how its intended to show.
- Accelerated mode : VDJ uses the video cards built in powers to render effects and transitions. It will consume less CPU

(these cards support have very week or no video mixing support and will most likely NOT work with VDJ hardware accelerated mixing thats needed for 3d effects use. These cards will most likely not be able to export the videomix to external monitor either )

Radeon 9100 IGP (integrated graphics)
Radeon 9200SE
GeForce 3 Ti 200
GeForce 3
GeForce 3 Ti 500
Radeon 9250
Radeon 9000
Radeon 9200
Radeon 9100
Matrox Parahelia 128
Radeon 8500 & Radeon 9000pro
GeForce 4 Ti


Mobility Radeon 9000 IGP
Mobility Radeon 9100 IGP
Radeon 9000Mobility
Radeon 9200Mobility

Partially outdated
(these cards support week video mixing support, and migth not support hardware accelerated mode, or be able to preview on external monitor)

GeForce FX 5200
GeForce PCX 5300
GeForce FX 5500
GeForce FX 5200 Ultra
GeForce FX 5600
GeForce FX 5700LE
GeForce FX 5700
GeForce PCX 5750
GeForce FX 5600 Ultra
GeForce FX 5700ultra
GeForce PCX 5900
GeForce FX 5900XT
GeForce FX 5800
GeForce FX 5800ultra
GeForce FX 5900
GeForce FX 5900ultra
GeForce FX 5950ultra


GeForce FX Go5200
Nvidia FX Go5600/5650
Nvidia FX Go5700

(these cards might be considered weak, but some might work with hardware accelerated mode. If exported to external monitor, they might be too weak to run both video and effects without struggle, or not work at all. For internak mixing on PC they might work fine)

Intel GMA 900 & 950 Integrated graphics (chipset 915 &945) (need
3DAnalyse to emulate TnL function)
GeForce 6100 IGP (integrated graphics)
Radeon Xpress 200 (integrated graphics)
GeForce 6150 IGP (integrated graphics)
Radeon 9550SE & Radeon X300SE
Radeon 9600SE
Radeon X550SE
GeForce 6200 64bit (NV44)
Radeon X300SE HyperMemory
GeForce 6200 TurboCache
GeForce 6500 (TurboCache)
Radeon 9550
Radeon 9500
Radeon X300 & Radeon 9600
GeForce 6200 128bit (NV43a)
GeForce 6600LE (4 pipe)
Radeon X1300 HyperMemory (64bit)
GeForce 7300GS (TurboCache)
Radeon X550
Radeon 9800SE 128bit (4 pipe)
Radeon 9600pro & Radeon X600pro
Radeon 9600XT
Radeon 9800SE 256bit (4 pipe)
Radeon 9500pro
Radeon X600XT
Radeon X1300 & All-in-Wonder 2006
Radeon X1300pro


Intel GMA 900 & 950 Integrated graphics (need 3DAnalyse to emulate TnL function)
GeForce Go 6100
Radeon Xpress 200M
Mobility Radeon X300 (64bit)
Mobility Radeon X300 HyperMemory (64bit)
GeForce Go 6200 (TurboCache)
Mobility Radeon X600SE HyperMemory (64bit)
GeForce Go 6400 (TurboCache)
GeForce Go 7300 (TurboCache)
Mobility Radeon 9600
GeForce Go 7400 (TurboCache)
Mobility Radeon X600 HyperMemory (128bit)
Mobility Radeon X600
Mobility Radeon 9700 (4 pipe)
Mobility Radeon X1300 HyperMemory (128bit)
Mobility Radeon X1400 HyperMemory (128bit)

(these cards were/could've been considered top-end a few years ago, and are fairly powerful, and and most of them have no problem mixing with hardware accelerated mode internally. Some might not work at best level on external output, while some, like X1600 or 6800 or X800 should be doing ok. Video effect use with several effects activated similatiously might render slow on these cards, while regular video mixing, and single effect use can work good)

GeForce 6600
Radeon 9700
Radeon 9800
GeForce 7300GT (8 pipe)
GeForce 6600 DDR2 PCI-E
Radeon 9700pro
Radeon X700
Radeon 9800pro
Radeon 9800XT
ASUS GeForce 6800 512MB 128bit 540MHz crapness
GeForce 6800LE (8 pipe)
GeForce 6800XT (8 pipe)
GeForce 6600GT
Radeon X700pro
GeForce 6800
Radeon X1600pro
Radeon X800SE (8 pipe)
Radeon X800GT & Radeon X800RX (8 pipe)


GeForce Go 6600
Mobility Radeon X700
Mobility Radeon X1600
Mobility Radeon 9800 (= X800SE on desktop)
GeForce Go 6800
GeForce Go 7600 (8 pipe)

Mid-High range
(some of these cards arent actually new, even outdated, but should be able to run VDJ mixing on a good level, hardware accelerated)

GeForce 6800GS (AGP version)
GeForce 6800GS (PCI-express version)
GeForce 7600GS
Radeon X800
Radeon X800GTO
Radeon X1600XT
GeForce 6800GT
Radeon X800pro
Radeon X850pro
GeForce 6800ultra
Radeon X800XL & Radeon X800GTO 16 &
Radeon X800GTO²
GeForce 7600GT
GeForce 7800GS
Radeon X1800GTO (12 pipe)
Radeon X800XT
Radeon X850XT
Radeon X800XT Platinum Edition
Radeon X850XT Platinum Edition


Mobility Radeon X800
GeForce Go 6800Ultra
GeForce Go 7800 (16 pipe)
Mobility Radeon X1800 (12 pipe)
Mobility Radeon X800XT

(these cards are outrageous; they are rather expensive, but insanely powerful. all of them are powerful enough to run the full eye candy setting, with effective render of simultanious effects on the video, and no glitches when skipping fast forward or backwards in the video)

GeForce 7800GT
Gainward GeForce 7800GS 512MB Bliss AGP (7800GT 20 pipe)
Radeon X1800XL
GeForce 7800GTX
Gainward GeForce 7800GS+ 512MB Bliss AGP (7900GT 24 pipe)
GeForce 7900GT
Radeon X1900 All-in-Wonder
GeForce 7800GTX 512
GeForce 7900GTX


GeForce Go 7900GS (20 pipe)
GeForce Go 7800GTX
Mobility Radeon X1800XT
GeForce Go 7900GTX

Maximum Quality
(these cards are top of the line for flawless video use in any setting, mode or use)

Radeon X1900GTO (Crossfire for ultra high res AA/AF)
Radeon X1800XT (Crossfire for ultra high res AA/AF)
Radeon X1800XT PE (Crossfire for ultra high res AA/AF)
Radeon X1900XT (Crossfire for ultra high res AA/AF)
Radeon X1900XTX (Crossfire for ultra high res AA/AF)

[source of this guide is a gamer community, that have tested these cards extensivly on games. The guide is therefore not garanteed to be 100% accurate for video mixing, but should be pretty close. And some of these cards might not have tv-out)


You should provide where you COPIED this from (you did not do any work or testing yourself, you did not even type it)

Posted Wed 03 Feb 10 @ 11:22 am
JoeyKJPRO InfinityMember since 2008
Hey copy---and---paste

We didn't have this information before, doesn't mean it's not valide, "It's Info You Can Use".

So, Thank You dj-in-norway


Posted Wed 03 Feb 10 @ 12:10 pm
While I use business/dj partner went through various video cards before settling on one...he used 1 card with DDR2 which wouldn't render any video transitions - two cards with DDR3 and 256mb and they both froze and then refused to output any video signal after that ...
He then bought a GEForce 9600GT with 512mb DDR2 and its been going strong for him for a whole year now...
I'm about to buy a similar rig but with the 9800GT along with VDJ as I think VDJ is the superior video mixing software

Posted Tue 19 Oct 10 @ 10:59 pm
djtirtaHome userMember since 2009
Hey there, I wonder if someone will answer my problem..

Here is my laptop specification :
#Processor : Intel® Core i5 (i5 - 2410M, 2.30 GHz, 3 MB)
#RAM : 8 GB DDR3 SDRAM 1066/PC3-8500
#Harddisk : 750 GB Serial ATA
#Dual VGA Card : Intel shared &GeForce GT540M 2GB Auto switch
#Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

I'm using VDJ 7 with BCD3000 and VGA output from laptop...
The problem is the video output is not smooth and it's often freeze ...

Can I get more information about optimal settings to video mixing with my set up ?

can somebody help me here ?

Posted Sun 08 Jan 12 @ 11:29 pm
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