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dj-e-lectric friends



Deejay Corny wrote on Thu 05 Jan 12
Wish you a healthy 2012 and lost's of good times dj-ing!
Deejay Corny wrote on Sun 21 Aug 11
GREAT TECH INFO you give about VIDEO and AUDIO formats and codecs on the forums... THANX!!!
comusys wrote on Mon 07 Dec 09
I can provide plugin development
DopeBoyz wrote on Sun 27 Sep 09
Hey if you need MP3 encryption I can help you set it up. It's quite solid. Only way to copy your music after is to play each song and record the output.
DJRudeDoGG wrote on Fri 19 Jun 09
No friends on your list I guess, huh? Peace!
chris1974 wrote on Sun 18 Jan 09
dJ Electric,
Chris here with VDJ 5.2.
I'm having the same issuses with the freeze, but only when "hardware accelerate" is tagged in the video config.
I just returned a Lenovo T500 2.53 , 3gig DDR3 ram and a ATI 3650 HD catd with 256Ram Dual Core machine.
VDJ team said it sounded like I wasn't running enough ram.
I sent back the laptop and got a W500with an ATI GL5700 HD card with 512 ram. It is doing the exact same thing.
Now after reading your post, it seems that VDJ's answer is that it is in their software.
What the #@*()#@!!!
I am also getting horizontal lines across half of the video screen.
I don't know if you are.
Again, it only happens when I tagged the "hardware accelerate" function.
If I don't tage the hardware accelerator
th video doesn't freeze, but plays at a lower resolution.
Hardware accelerate with one videolooks great until the second video is loaded. That's when I get the freeze.
Keep me posted.
I also Have IBM working on it.
Until I read your problem, now I see it can be VDJ.
sirslick wrote on Sun 19 Oct 08
DJ E-Lectric,

Can you please tell me more about this theory? It makes sense to me and I would like to read more about it.



This has always been a cornerstone of the programming I teach newbie Djs I work with, that the best beat ranges for the prime hours of the night are 97-105 and 128-132. The former closely matching the average heart rate of humans and the letter matching a brainwave that helps trigger the same "pleasure" center of the brain as cocaine and chocolate do.

Probably not a coinsidence that the songs with the best dance response and the "anthems" that last as timeless seem to be grouped in or near these bpm ranges.

There have also been many studies showing bpm ranges of 70-80 showing strong corolations to the "anger" centers of our brain and the slowing of heart rates producing aggrevated levels of tension.

Probably not a coinsidence that most rap and hard rock songs get so much blame for causing fights and inciting the "wrong" probably is not the lyrics the censorists would have you believe, but rather it is the pysiological changes produced in peoples brain and heart chemistry that insights the feelings of tension and rage.