DJ iing in the greatest city of the of the world. NYC

When I DJ, I like to make the party exciting with my song selection.

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DJ Doc Z wrote on Fri 14 Oct 16
Hey Caliente, in your latest setup pics, which case and controllers are you running? Looks like a nice clean setup
DJ Bertie wrote on Wed 30 Oct 13
Hey thanks for the spanish suggestions mang
Caliente123 wrote on Tue 22 Oct 13
Your welcome 938MyDJ. I am very surprised that the post is still going strong after 5 years. Hard work does pay off. Your setup looks really nice. I used to have the 3700's, The 3900's and also the CDJ 2000's. They feel good DJ ing on them.
938MyDJ wrote on Sun 20 Oct 13
Thanks for starting this thread! It made me dream... work... and achieved.
rodneydoct wrote on Sun 26 May 13
can you send me some reggae new and old
djmariojax wrote on Sun 05 Feb 12
Caliente, how you doing? Sorry I didn't get to see you in NYC. It was a rushed trip, but manhattan is beautiful. Take care!