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Topic: Event Music help
Hey guys... I need some help. It's not like I can't function or come up with something... But have you ever just lost the taste for something? I'm in a flunk. I want to bring some upbeat energy like always but I am so sick of normal played out music. I thought about getting some new Indie upbeat playlists together, but with 5 kids and a super hot wife I have to work harder to keep interested, on Valentines week... plus our busy schedule this week...I'm tapped.

So, since I don't ask for much, very often, I was wondering if some of you guys can bring the sauce? I was thinking some off kick stuff like Cirque Du Soleil, or instrumentals or something from other parts of the World I'm not privy to. All I ask is for it to be up beat and feel it type of music. I'll drop into a mix or two of something current or top hit to keep it grounded... But anyway..

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this and reply...

This is for a large event for one of the largest companies in the World. This particular meeting is general manager appreciation and awards. The main playlist will be for event start and close. Event date is Feb 21st or Next Wednesday...

Thanks again... Paul

Posted Mon 12 Feb 18 @ 10:40 pm
Eventually in my Lists There you find are some good Tracks for you MixIng.

In my Lists are Tracks for Valentines, Halloween,New Year,Soundcheck,Themeparks,GoGo Dance (All Styles) Zumba,Shuffle Dance ,Lightshow, Intros /Outros and so on.

Look on my VDJ Homepage Blog for Musik ,Tuturial and more .

Here are some from my Homepageblog:

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Posted Tue 13 Feb 18 @ 2:02 pm