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Topic: Karaoke Disappointment
I subscribed to the Karaoke add on and I have to say it seems extraordinarily limited. Many songs without lyrics, out of date and songs that would normally be available isn’t.
I have the professional license and wanted to expand my using the karaoke add on but from what I see I may just need to cancel that subscription.
How can this be changed or improved?
I have been to other venues where the karaoke is unlimited and to be honest amazing.

Posted Mon 01 Jan 18 @ 11:06 pm
Dj.nickieb wrote :
How can this be changed or improved?

This is probably a question for the provider you signed up for in VDJ

For Karaoke that is:
USA/CA: powered by KaraokeCloud
Internationally: powered by DigiTrax Karaoke Cloud content

Posted Tue 02 Jan 18 @ 11:44 am
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
Dj.nickieb wrote :
Many songs without lyrics, out of date and songs that would normally be available isn’t..

Could you point us to a few songs that fall into the above cases ? If there are any, we will let our Providers know and fix.


Posted Tue 02 Jan 18 @ 1:56 pm
I have the same experience. We do not do a much Karaoke DJing and had a mixed Karaoke/DJ gig this weekend so decided to add the Karaoke (Digiitrax) subscription to fill in on the tracks we didn't have - and we do not have much Karaoke.

We were SO disappointed that very few what we would regard as standard Karaoke tracks were available through the the VirtualDJ Karaoke service. Even classics (at least for Karaoke) like:

Tom Jones Delilah, Elton John Nikita, Tom Jones Green Green Grass, Eric Clapton Wonderful tonight, ...

We ended up delaying the Karaoke session and called in one of our colleagues with his disk collection and printed catalogue to save the day (partially).

So it seems that the description on the Virtual DJ website for this content unlimited extra licence is really not what is described. It is sad that the only retorts we can see is a directive to contact the content provider. There are two issues with this. First, it is not possible to get hold of the content provider and their website gives no clue as to what they provide to thrid parties like Virtual DJ. Second, and more importantly, our contract for this service is with Virtual DJ - they are our supplier and we pay via their payment service to them. So contractually the questions, improvements, alternate or additional prodovers and so on should be the responsibility of Virtual DJ or they should not describe the service as they do.

Of course, in general these streaming services are a fill in for the odd thing that you do not have. We have subscribed to the audio streaming service for a long time and probably only use it for a couple of tracks a month but it is important that we can when it is needed. I remember the hiatus when this service was also not working and there were lots of complaints because some DJs seemed to be relying on the service. I disregarded most of these at the time thinking that it was really the DJs fault because they should have bought most of the music they use and have alternate options on fill in options.

But ... the experience this weekend changes my opinion. I am not a regular Karaoke provider and we do not promote Karaoke as a main service. But we do get requests from time to time even it is for a short fill in and it would make sense for us to "rent" the capability of doing this as we have absolutely no idea what would be requested and is of course far more eclectic that running a DJ set.

Sorry for the long and convoluted message and I hope thosein Virtual DJ reading this will understand my main point:

I needed a quick fix to be able to provide an ad hoc karaoke service and what is described by virtual dj made it clear that this was the most appropriate service for us. It was extremely disappointing that the £20 and a lot of time was wasted because this did not work. Moreover, I was frustrated because it was tough to give our client what they wanted.

I really look forward to suggestions, answers, alternative approaches and so on.

Posted Sun 28 Jan 18 @ 6:04 pm
Yeah I can relate, the provider Atomix uses is pretty crappy. I used this company, and it saved the night.

I doubt Ill ever use the Atomix service again or at least until the library gets some major updates..........

Posted Mon 29 Jan 18 @ 1:14 am
Signed up for the karaoke last night, how dissapointed I was. I would of thought songs i considered standard would have been available, how wrong was i, well my subscription will be cancelled, anyone else who considers this, don't bother with it .

Posted Sun 04 Mar 18 @ 9:38 am