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Topic: VDJ7 Setup with Traktor Audio 6 and Timecode CDs
My question is probably basic so hopefully someone out there can help. I am using VDJ7 with an Traktor Audio 6 sound card and timecode CDs. 2 channels A and B so it should be very simple but I can't get it work work.

I have Channel A plugged into the left deck input and channel B plugged in the right deck input with both going to their respective outputs in the mixer (Channel A - left, Channel B - right). In VDJ i have the configs set as:

Inputs - Timecodes
Outputs - External Mixer
Sound Card - Audio 6 ASIO Driver

When I push play on the left CD player, it controls the RIGHT channel of VDJ and I can control the deck with the timecode. When I push play on the right CD player nothing happens (however, the Audio 6 does notice the input coming in as the little IN light on the sound card turns on when I push play on the CD player).

Can anyone help me as to what I'm doing wrong? I must not be doing something right on the configuration screen. It works just fine when I use the Traktor software Scratch Duo 2.


Posted Wed 01 Jun 11 @ 2:33 am
Try setting it up in advanced config, the audio 6 settings may not be built into vdj yet, but with advanced config you can setup all the ins and outs the way you want them

Posted Wed 01 Jun 11 @ 3:09 am
Thanks. That helped. I now figured out through a little trial and error that you need to set it up on channels 3&4, 5&6. I was doing 1&2, and 3&4.

Now that I have sound and can control through the timecodes I have a new issue. I'm getting a lot of static and popping sounds when using the timecode CDs. When I just use the internal computer decks it runs perfectly. But using the timecodes there is static. Any recommendations on how to clear this static noise?

Posted Thu 02 Jun 11 @ 11:55 am
Change your latency settings the higher up you go the less cpu intensive your soundcard will be, for anyone who isn't superhuman 5ms is imperceivable although as my computer isn't the fastest I have it set at 7ms I think, and I still cant tell the difference.

Also It could be a driver problem, I have the Audio 8 and there is a problem on my computer with the last two releases of the driver so I had to use an old one. It's probably a good idea to keep an eye on the NI forum to see if anyone else is having similar problems.

Posted Thu 02 Jun 11 @ 1:43 pm
Hello... thanks for the tips. Here's what I did. It seemed to help a lot but it's not quite perfect. There are still a few spats once in a while, but definitely better though. Can anyone tell me if I missed anything or did anything wrong?

First, I updated to the latest version of the Traktor Audio 6 drivers.

On the Audio 6 control panel I set the process buffer to 512 samples and set the USB buffer to 4 ms.

On the VDJ 7 Timecode Configuration I selected Virtual DJ CD and both meters read 100%. The Mode says Smart Relative.

On the VDJ Sound Setup screen under Traktor Audio 6 should I have "Ultra Latency ASIO" clicked? Not sure what that means or if it makes any difference?

On the VDJ Performance Screen I set the latency to 512 (11 ms). A couple questions 1) do I need to click safe mode? and 2) I have it checked on Optimize for Quality. Is this better or is Optimize for latency better?

If anyone has any information to tell me if I did this right or wrong I'd appreciate it.

Finally, when I close the VDJ 7 program lately I've been getting an error message that says "R6025 - pure virtual function call." Anyone know what this means? I didn't get this message until last week when ran the VDJ Pro Upgrade to 7.0.4

Posted Mon 13 Jun 11 @ 9:01 pm
X1LoVeRPRO InfinityStaffMember since 2006
should I have "Ultra Latency ASIO" clicked? <--- No

On the VDJ Performance Screen I set the latency to 512 (11 ms). <--- set this to "Auto" because you changed it already in the driver settings

1) do I need to click safe mode? and <--- No

2) Is this better or is Optimize for latency better? <--- for Quality is ok, if ur not a "turntablist" ;o)

Also set the option for "Master Tempo" (in Perfomance settings) to 'simple', if the pops and clicks do not stops !

Posted Mon 20 Jun 11 @ 6:56 am
Hi there,
I just bought the Audio 6 to replace my Virtual Vinyl interface (being sick of not getting signed drivers...)
Following the above advice, I get it to work, but not quite as good as the VV.
On VV I can pick 2ms, advanced Master Tempo and optimized quality - which of course I expected to work for the highly praised NI card as well.
Now I can choose between WDM with great sound but giant latency and ASIO with great latency sounding like a bad radio transmission or worse.
Here's what I find interesting:
When I use the standard soundconfig with the main channel and RIAA ticked in timecode-setup for main, it works ALMOST as good as the VV, but the timecode is too low - resulting in crackle while backspinning, so this is not the performance I expect from the Traktor card.
ASIO in advanced config seems to ignore the TA6 driver settings.
Latency in VDJ is set to auto, but seems to work with no other choice either.

So what i wish for is a way to pick channels A and B in standard config.
Any Ideas on that?

Posted Wed 08 Feb 12 @ 5:01 pm
Hello Im have the same issues. I have virtual dj 7 pro with TA6. I follow you guys setup. I now have both of my Cdjs 800 working with sound but it still have pops. All my config is setup as mention above. Is there sumthing else i'm missing? Thank you.

Posted Sat 02 Jun 12 @ 2:34 pm
Hello I got it. Everything works alot better. My setting is:
Inputs: Timecodes - Chan 1&2-Deck 2/Chan 3&4-Deck 1
Output: 3 Line Mixer - Chan 1&2-Deck 2/Chan 3&4 - Deck 1/ Chan 5&6 Sample/Preview
Sound Card TA6

Advanced Config:
T-Codes 1 - TA6 - Input 3&4
T-Codes 2 - TA6 - Input 5&6
Deck - 1 - Chan A Output - TA6 - TA6 WDW Audio
Deck - 2 - Chan B Output - TA6 - TA6 WDW Audio

It doesnt pop anymore. Sill fooling around with the it a lil bit more tho.

Posted Sat 02 Jun 12 @ 3:37 pm
I have the traktor audio 6 too and am having the same issue with one of the decks not seeing the timecode signal... I tried the advanced config to no avail, unless I am missing something. While I am on this subject, I also own the Denon DN MC6000 and would like to use it as an external mixer for the Audio 6 but also use the additional two decks on the unit. Any suggestions? (If I can get the two timecodes working)

Posted Thu 26 Jul 12 @ 10:13 pm
im also having issues with TCV same rig

Posted Fri 30 Jun 17 @ 9:45 am
maki2001 wrote :
im also having issues with TCV same rig

This is a 6 year old thread.
It's probably better to make a new one
And if you are still using v7 you should try using v8 and it's timecode engine instead. It was completely rewritten for v8

Posted Fri 30 Jun 17 @ 1:45 pm
Surely he must already be using VDJ 8 because he's a subscriber...

Anyway - maki, you need to actually post what the issues are, not just say you have them.

Posted Fri 30 Jun 17 @ 5:05 pm
groovindj wrote :
Surely he must already be using VDJ 8 because he's a subscriber...

Anyway - maki, you need to actually post what the issues are, not just say you have them.

groovin i opened a separated thread about it never got a response,it was just the usual "check the user guide for tcv" which i did i managed to get only half way im out of licence right now but if anybody has any kind of setup for this ill appreciate it :)

Posted Wed 06 Sep 17 @ 6:37 am
Please tell us what issues you're having, or (if you wrote them in another thread) post the link here.

Posted Wed 06 Sep 17 @ 4:35 pm

Posted Mon 16 Oct 17 @ 11:17 am