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RobRoy wrote on Wed 07 Aug 13
Ich war mal so frei..;-)
music234 wrote on Tue 23 Aug 11
ich hatte Dich noch garnicht geaddet?!Jetzt schon ;o)
djdad wrote on Thu 03 Feb 11
A friend will send me an iPad this weekend, you will receive the 1st beta iTCmaniaiPAd soon !
dJ_ro_(ecu) wrote on Wed 19 Jan 11
Thanks 4 add¿?¿?
wbbrothers wrote on Sat 19 Jun 10
Schau Dir wenns geht nochmal meinen letzten Forumsbeitrag an. Habe mein System mal etwas veranschaulicht.
Gruß und Danke Chris
critical_philosopher wrote on Thu 18 Feb 10
Hello. hope all is well.. My name is Cris. I am new With this VirtualDJ program and the reason i bought it was to help my mom bring her restaurant/club up from the ashes of the recession... I want to get a karaoke night going as well i hear this is possible but i dont know where to start, i dont have a projecter or the screen nor do i know which models are best to use for karaoke in a large area.. Also i was curious to know if there is a small limited of karaoke songs available because if the are unlimited methods of getting karaoke songs with subtitles then it will Def. be worth all the trouble. If anyone can save me some trouble.. Thank you! I am grateful for any response!
fatkatzdj wrote on Sun 07 Jun 09
What up Dawg, thanx for the ad..
vj angelo wrote on Wed 22 Apr 09
Thanks for add:-)
by Vj Angelo
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