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Topic: rewire ableton - Page: 1
fer14PRO InfinityMember since 2007
can i use only 1 computer virtualdj7 rewire ableton? (both application open in 1 computer)

Posted Tue 19 Oct 10 @ 3:08 pm
apopsisPRO InfinitySenior staffMember since 2003
Yes, this is the way rewire works.
Just be sure to open virtual dj first (rewire master) and when you finish close ableton live first (live run as rewire slave)
You can find setup instructions in the manuals.

Posted Tue 19 Oct 10 @ 3:42 pm
AdvokutPRO InfinityMember since 2010
can ableton still control midi controllers such as the novation launchpad? A german team member gave me the tip to write into the registry, is this the only way?

Posted Tue 19 Oct 10 @ 5:46 pm

there will be fixes to make midi controllers for abelton work undisturbed by VirtualDJ soon..
(until then, use the way the german teamer tipped you of)

Posted Tue 19 Oct 10 @ 9:30 pm
@ norman... hey! and hi! does this mean being able to controll say Reason5's synth parameters vthru or via VDJ? im maping my keyboard with bult-in sound card but cant get past the transport only bit.

Posted Tue 19 Oct 10 @ 11:38 pm

That i doubt.. depends on dev team ;) And if its even possible.. (probably not)

What I meant is that one can use one midi controller for Reason/Ableton/FL Studio, and other for VirtualDJ.
(without conflicts)

Posted Wed 20 Oct 10 @ 12:17 am
So at the moment it conflicts?

That's not good.

I tried out Ableton Live slaved to VDJ7, which works - but I did not connect any controllers.

Posted Wed 20 Oct 10 @ 6:18 am
AdvokutPRO InfinityMember since 2010
Right now controllers, that can only be used by one program at a time, are seen by VDJ first because you have to launch VDJ as the master. Controllers such as the BCD3000 that can control multiple programs can of course also still control Ableton for instance. Thats what i do right now, but i would like to use a launchpad to control ableton. Its possible to let VDJ ignore the build in definitions and mappers, therefore only controllers that have a custom def and map get recognized by VDJ. But this needs to be done with a new registry key which i havent tried out yet, and because of this i dont know how save this method is.

Other than that ReWire works like a charm, i really like this new feature.

Posted Wed 20 Oct 10 @ 12:16 pm
mike912Home userMember since 2010
can VDJ run as a rewire slave so that ableton can keep its VST functions?

Posted Wed 20 Oct 10 @ 2:26 pm
jakovskiPRO InfinityStaffMember since 2006
In the moment there is the problem that all running controllers will be recognized from VDJ. So you can't use them with Ableton. But i got the information the info that there will be a hack for this problem with one of the next updates. There you can disable all the native mappers/definitions within VDJ.

So - we have to wait till the next update of VDJ.

Greets, Heiko

Posted Wed 20 Oct 10 @ 2:31 pm
I am having some difficulty setting my ReWire functionality up. I have Abelton running is slave mode, but I don't know enough about the advanced sound set up to actually set it up. I have also tried reading the manual. I still don't understand it.

Posted Sun 24 Oct 10 @ 6:16 pm
The hack ,update would be good.right now I'm having to do acrobatic stunts with the cursor...Lol...and otherwise its like playing a somewhat teakable pre recorded track thru Vdj.So i cant wait for da fix,it makes more sence...

Posted Mon 25 Oct 10 @ 12:13 am
i cant get vdj 2 rewire with ableton do i have 2 download something

Posted Wed 27 Oct 10 @ 4:36 pm
AdvokutPRO InfinityMember since 2010
No, actually its pretty easy. Just follow the manual

Open VDJ
in advanced cofig select a linein channel using rewire as a source.
create a shortcut = deck X linein 1
activate the shortcut
open Ableton

Posted Wed 27 Oct 10 @ 5:27 pm
what no one has mentioned is...there's still the method of not Rewire but to externally midi sync them.then you should control say Reason on any channel but the one vdj its set to (on my RMX its ch2) .only problem is each application would run on its own audio drivers and there would be conflicting too much unless you find 2 that wont.

Posted Wed 27 Oct 10 @ 8:01 pm
Bro really what are you rambling about?? All the dude asked for is how to make rewire work.......................all that midi sync talk will just confuse people, not me cause I know what your talking about but others, well its just to much info.............not really needed, heck you cant even sync the midi clocks yet..................

Stick to the Script bro

Posted Wed 27 Oct 10 @ 9:30 pm
Huey...Im not even read the whole post of yours...dude..but i 'll tell you one thing..My whole schedule its made of =make music,learn music and make this thing work.and therefore i dont have time to be getting fustraded cause i have to work a Day job.this IS my job...Get it? Im not Rammbling at no one.Theres like 3 threads on this and all they need to do is Read them...not keep opening more threads...and I was working with Midi when you were in your Norman knows what I'm talking about,and I have questions also,but they dont get answered...tisk,tisk...

Posted Wed 27 Oct 10 @ 11:20 pm
You work??? Lmfao!!

Ramble On my little coffee shop playin buddy

Posted Wed 27 Oct 10 @ 11:51 pm
Yeap! at the coffee shop,at home,at the club,everywere,24/7 and thats work...haha. no way you can catch up with me,way ahead of the race buddy...

Posted Thu 28 Oct 10 @ 12:29 am
Quit attackin me in tha threads dude,it does'nt look good....enough sayd! (old spiderman's creators saying btw)....God Bless the men of music..and Help the Rest...

Posted Thu 28 Oct 10 @ 8:09 pm
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