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Topic: Make own DJ website - Page: 1
guys how do you go about setting up ones own site

Posted Tue 20 Jan 09 @ 3:38 pm
Easiest way if its technically not something you know much about, would be to get a blog kinda site...

Such as or
Both are free, and easy to style and make look ok...

Or even better, get a Myspace page... Its free and easy to style up too...

(you can get one for free at our radio page too... has a lot of nice dj profile pages).

If you are to make your own from scratch, you need a lot of things..

1) Server/host for your site
2) A CMS program to publish content
3) Knowledge about CSS and HTML is a minimum...

If you are to make your own, is a good host site, and good CMS systems, but its hell to pay if you dont know advanced CSS and HTML ....

PS! Could you please select a different avatar?

Posted Tue 20 Jan 09 @ 4:04 pm

Posted Tue 20 Jan 09 @ 5:04 pm
dj in norway whats wrong with my avator.makes me smile

Posted Tue 20 Jan 09 @ 5:06 pm
I'm using bluehost, unfortunatly I've only got a front page and am still confused myself, I can't even figure out how to find the links to pages I publish (maybe a spliff too many? It does seem to include all neccesary tools though;^]

Posted Tue 20 Jan 09 @ 5:28 pm
Well Staffy the reason for the comment by Norway is respect. I have noticed that there are quite a few now that are too "comfortable" or "confident" in the forum in regards to these items. People seem to forget that all of this that you see here is sales and promotion oriented. It's all about making money. All the Teamers aren't on here because they don't have anything else to do, they are on here to promote the software...make People from all over the world come here to see what VDJ is all about. You have crackheads, potential customers, the curious, customers, sponsors, advertises, partners and the like. It looks very bad when all these people are bombarded with T&A. It is not that Atomix Productions is trying to censor anyone, but they are trying to maintain a professional looking site to attract new markets. Just remember that this forum and it's friendly Teamers and users are just a by product a company trying to sell its products, but it is not "our" forum...neither "our" way. It is their way and we are here learning, teaching and socializing on this wonderful marketing tool called the Virtual DJ Forum.

Maybe there needs to be a blurb in the website advising users about the appropriate AVATARs that will be allowed.

Sorry Rune wasn't trying to overstep my grounds...just pointing out the, maybe not so obvious, to the users... :)


Posted Tue 20 Jan 09 @ 5:42 pm
djstaffy wrote :
dj in norway whats wrong with my avator.makes me smile

Maddsound is right... And all nude avatars will be removed shortly. We are fixing a moderation feature for it.

This is a proffesional dj forum, and all photos showing degrading photos of women, political controversial images, blashphemy or rasism, guns or otherwise tasteless avatars will be removed

We want all to feel welcome here, without having so see avatars that serves to provoke a lot of people or a gender ;)

Thanks for understanding ;)

Posted Tue 20 Jan 09 @ 5:44 pm
being a designer i say not to go for the free sites. there is a lot to be said about as opposed to

Posted Tue 20 Jan 09 @ 6:22 pm
Totally agree with Sirkit, if you want to market yourself as a professional through a website, best idea is to put some cash up and do it right. If you want to be really spiffy about it, you could get a .dj domain ( they're affordable and most likely your or your company's name has not been taken.

You could get a professional to do your webpage designing for you, or look through the net for stock photography or just make your own, a quick read in any webpage designing book will help you a long way. And the better it looks, the more likely customers are to pick you, I guess. I'm not exactly an expert, but you know, common sense.

Also glad to hear about the avatar thing, as I'm not as comfortable as most with them.

Posted Tue 20 Jan 09 @ 6:35 pm
Drupal is a free content management system which would allow you to add content to your site very easily. Most good hosting companies will have a system to install it automatically for you if you do not know what terms like FTP or CHMOD mean.

Once it's installed, adding content is similar to updating your blog here on Virtual DJ. All the hard work is automated. If you're not a designer, you will also want to check out so that you can still customize the look of your site.

Posted Tue 20 Jan 09 @ 7:49 pm

And all are of course welcome to make a DJ profile page at Virtual DJ Radio

- Add buddies and DJs from the network of 6000 users
- Get high visit counts, from the site, ranked high at Google and other search engines
- Post mixes for freedbacks
- Mix Live at VDJ Radio
- and much more

The Radio's DJ pages can easily be styled to make look exactly like you want...
And you get a neat URL with your DJ name in it


Posted Tue 20 Jan 09 @ 8:24 pm
While piczo is a "free" site for $20 bucks you can upgrade to the ad-free version and link it to your domain name which is still cheaper than any other method.

I have just recently done that and the site will go from to which agreed is much more professional and costs me only $30 bucks a year. Work smarter, not harder is a great motto.

There are many other methods to market, at least here in Canada, such as Kijijji and Craigslist etc. that bring in business and don't cost a dime other than the time and effort to place and maintain the ads you post.

Bottom line is that word of mouth is my best advertising-bar none!

Posted Tue 20 Jan 09 @ 11:35 pm
Just counted my hits on the free ads I posted earlier today. Over 80 hits on my free ads about my DJ service and not a penny other than my time.

Posted Tue 20 Jan 09 @ 11:42 pm
ok time to get serious. H used to design websites. I still do a few. and no matter what you think the free sites or discount sites are not your best bet. The hits on these site are for one faked alot in order to get people to invest. Your true best bet is to get hosting from a site and build your own website. it's not free but it has no limits. I have my art site (2 of them) and my dj site and i am paying about 40.00 a year including registering of my domain names.

I cant tell you how many of these sites that once the advertising dollars go away they disappear along with your website. If you are going to pay for a website you better be the owner.

the hits like i said are faked in order to get more advertisers on the site. so they can claim x amount of views a day. my webpage just sitting dormant generates 15-20 hits a day

oh and also craigslist and the like including monster dot com are where internet marketing schemer's love to search.

Posted Wed 21 Jan 09 @ 2:25 am

Posted Sun 25 Jan 09 @ 11:00 pm
Before you go about this you should ask yourself a few questions and decide what works best for you.

1. Why do you want a website? is it for promotions, business, or personal

2. Who do you plan on sharing the site link with? Friends, employers, etc?

3. How much time/money are you willing to put into this website?

4. Do you know or are willing to learn basic web languages (HTML,PHP,CSS and others)? it can take time to learn the code and be efficent at it.

5. Is all of this worth it? will your time and effort pay off by having this website?

These are some of the questions I ask myself when I am building my website for my dj company/radio. I would suggest creating a profile on VDJ Radio for starters, it gives you somthing to use until you have a website ready at the least. And if you are new to HTML and CSS take a look online and learn some of the basics and find a template online and build a basic webpage. After you get a template with all your info then take it to the next leve and build your own look. Webdeveloping has endless possiblitys so have fun with it ;)

BTW my website is ;) I am currently using a template for the background and am in the process of desiging my own.

Good luck with this :)

DJ Det0Nat3

Posted Mon 26 Jan 09 @ 7:16 am
you could also go to

Posted Mon 26 Jan 09 @ 7:17 am
hey sirkitbreaker...
Glad to hear that you do webpages... like the banner too

I am great at graphics........ etc...
have a little html knowledge...also

find out that I am in need of a website that is professional..... and of course.. if i could.., do this myself.
Guess... I need to link you so you can give me some insight..????

Posted Mon 26 Jan 09 @ 8:23 am
digitalwiz wrote :
hey sirkitbreaker...
Glad to hear that you do webpages... like the banner too

I am great at graphics........ etc...
have a little html knowledge...also

find out that I am in need of a website that is professional..... and of course.. if i could.., do this myself.
Guess... I need to link you so you can give me some insight..????

sure and this goes to anyone in this forum . any web questions or art related ideas.questions or help send me a message. we are all family and it is about connection all types of resource cause you never know when i may be asking some of you for advice....oh yeah i already have.

Posted Mon 26 Jan 09 @ 9:18 am
can you used a mic to record yourself Djing like saying what song will come up next and saying this is DJ Daniel in the house.

Posted Fri 23 Oct 09 @ 8:58 pm
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