hey djstaffy my djing side of my life lets me forget my troubles and people enjoy their parties.mad man u and celtic fan.would love to be a genius at vjd it has changed my job to fun activity love vjd


pseft wrote on Tue 11 Oct 11
i have a staffy, so thats why im adding ya. LOL
cbgraphix wrote on Thu 17 Mar 11
Thanks for the add!
SBDJ wrote on Tue 08 Mar 11
As per your request, random clipbank is now available for Mac.
benserra wrote on Wed 19 Jan 11
Big help with the advice mate :-) cheers
SBDJ wrote on Fri 05 Nov 10
I don't have a mac. I can probably do random clipbank without one, but scrolltext wouldn't be possible without.
GadgetMan wrote on Thu 09 Sep 10
Thanks for the add...
dj muppetjnr wrote on Fri 30 Jul 10
any story with the rmx??
TearEmUp wrote on Sun 31 Jan 10
Thanks for the add Staffy!
frankie_m_dj wrote on Sat 11 Jul 09
I added you on my friend's list...FrankiE_M_DiJ
DjMorpheo22 wrote on Sat 25 Apr 09
Hi, I added you on my friend's list ;-)

tayla wrote on Mon 16 Mar 09
p.... in on your wall again... lol