VirtualDJ LE Controller Not Detected

VirtualDJ LE and Console Edition is limited software and older versions of this require that the appropriate MIDI controller is connected for the software to work.

Please make sure that your MIDI controller is connected BEFORE starting VirtualDJ.

Make sure that you also have the latest drivers and firmware installed.

If the problem persists, the controller itself may be faulty. Try using a different USB cable and/or connecting it to a different USB port of your computer. If you use a USB hub, make sure that it is mains powered. Try connecting it directly to a USB port of your computer itself. If your computer has USB 3 ports, try connecting it to a USB 2 port if you have one available.

If you wish to use the software stand-alone using just your mouse and keyboard, then you can use VirtualDJ Home FREE instead, providing that you are not using it at a gig where you are being paid. For paid gigs, you will need to either use your VirtualDJ LE/Console Edition with your MIDI controller connected or purchase a VirtualDJ product that can be used stand-alone such as Broadcaster or Basic. Upgrading to the full VirtualDJ Professional at a discount is strongly recommended.

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