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live video broadcasting

Make the world your arena and broadcast your mixes to popular social platforms. With VirtualDJ its easy to broadcast directly to many of the most popular sites. Add visualisations, videoskin for cool graphics, camera overlay, real-time screen grab for live chats and more. VirtualDJ makes it easier and more fun than ever to engage with and look impressive for your audience online.

Providing that your computer meets the minimum system requirements to mix video, you can easily setup video broadcasting by following the steps in the following guides:

Detailed Guides
See here how to broadcast to the most popular Live Stream Services:

Video Broadcast to Facebook
Video Broadcast to Youtube
Video Broadcast to Periscope
Video Broadcast to Twitch

Other Platforms :
Video Broadcast to MixCloud
Video Broadcast to PlayDJ.tv
Video Broadcast to BandLab

Video Skins
Broadcaster GFX VideoSkin