Recording your set or broadcasting when using an external DJ mixer

Q. When I record my mix, I can hear my headphone previewing in the recording

If you are using a standard external hardware audio DJ mixer or a MIDI controller that has a built-in real hardware audio mixer (E.g: Numark MixDeck) and VirtualDJ configured to output its decks to separate channels on the mixer (CONFIG -> Sound Setup -> Outputs: External Mixer) then you will hear both the live and pre-listened decks in your recording/broadcast if you attempt to record or broadcast your set.

This is because VirtualDJ has no way of knowing where the crossfader/volume sliders are on the external mixer and which channels are currently playing out live. As far as its concerned, its volume sliders are up and crossfader is in the middle, so both channels are being output live and as such, both will be recorded and/or broadcast.

To be able to record/broadcast, you will need to connect a suitable cable to the REC OUT or RECORD output of your external mixer and connect this into the line input of your computer's sound card. For recording, you can also alternatively connect it to a hardware audio recording device (E.g: MP3 recorder that records onto memory cards or USB media.)

Choose the appropriate sound card's Line Input as your recording/broadcasting source (Recording Loop Back using advanced sound config in either the full VirtualDJ Professional or VirtualDJ Basic) or use external 3rd party audio recording software such as Audacity or 3rd party broadcasting software.

NOTE: If your mixer does not have a REC OUT output, the BOOTH output can be used instead providing this is a line-level signal (I.e: Red/white RCA phono sockets.) Make sure that you adjust the booth output to an appropriate level using its knob, because this will affect the overall level of the recording/broadcast.

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