Master and Headphones inverted

Q. The volume of the deck playing out live drops or cuts out when I load a song onto the other deck or press the PFL button

If you find that the sound of the deck that is playing out live (Master output) drops as soon as you load a song on the other deck, then you have may have accidentally configured your sound so that your headphone (PFL) is output through your master output of your sound card and your master output is through your headphones.

Please go to SETTINGS Audio Settings and check the options in the lower section to ensure that the source, sound card and channels are configured correctly.

Normally, they should be set to (Master: Chan 1&2 / Headphones: Chan 3&4) or (Master: First card / Headphones: Second card) if you are using two sound cards.

If it is already set to this, change it to (Master: Chan 3&4 / Headphones: Chan 1&2) or (Master: Second card / Headphones: First card).

Click on APPLY to apply the new settings.

For more detailed information on audio settings please see the following:

MANUAL Audio Setup Guide

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