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 How do I output video or karaoke to a TV or projector

To display videos and/or karaoke on an external screen or projector, you will need to enable dual monitor (Extended desktop) support.

You will also need a video card that is capable and has the connections for outputting two separate displays. Most laptops already have this capability for business presentation use.

PC Win XP PC Win 7 Mac

(Choose the option to extend your desktop to the second display.)

Once your external display is configured and working, you can either drag the video window over to it or if you have the full VirtualDJ Professional, go to CONFIG -> Video, choose your external display from the list and then tick Activate for full-screen video display.

You may also need a converter to convert the VGA output of your laptop into a signal suitable for the TV(s) that you are using, e.g: Composite (Yellow plug), Svideo or RGB. If you are working at a venue that has TV's installed, then this adaptor may already be present and/or provided for you.

If you are using a Mac, then you may also need an Apple adaptor to change the display port connector into an appropriate output such as VGA.

NOTE: For full-screen video and karaoke, you will need to purchase the full VirtualDJ Professional. All other versions are limited to a small video window only.

NOTE: If you are outputting video to standard definition TV's, you should choose 1024x768 or 800x600 resolution for the second external display. Using resolutions higher than this may result in poor quality, corrupted or no video display. Make sure that the refresh rate is also set to 60Hz.

NOTE: Windows 7 Starter found on some Netbook PC's does not support separate dual display outputs. If you have this operating system, you will need to upgrade it.

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