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We are looking at switching over to Cue from another Karaoke program. All of our Karaoke Files are .Zip files. Our problem is that some of them will load and others give us an error message when trying to load. All the files are ripped similiary and they are in folder based on the CDG they came from.

Some will load - no problem - others will not load at all.

Any help is appreciated.

By the way - love the program. I've been using PCDJ for years and am considering swithing over 7 rigs to Cue.


Posted Fri 09 Nov 07 @ 3:43 am
I've been having that problem too. I wonder if it's the compression rate they are compressed at?
Does anyone else know why, perhaps?

Posted Sat 10 Nov 07 @ 8:51 pm
Take the ones that wont load, unzip them then rezip them using windows and let me know.

Posted Sat 10 Nov 07 @ 9:17 pm
I will try that tonight.


Posted Mon 12 Nov 07 @ 2:07 am
OK...I said I woould do it. But not sure how.

If I double click on it, it expands it.

How do I re-Zip it?

Posted Mon 12 Nov 07 @ 4:13 am
Right click on the file and Extract To (just make a folder) and put them there, then click on 1 and hold down the Ctrl button and click the other and right click and zip.

Just try 1 zip file to see if it works as it worked for me when I had the issue.

Posted Mon 12 Nov 07 @ 4:46 am
I'll try it tomorrow night.

IF that is the fix, Do I have to go through EVERY song in my database and rezip it?

That could take weeks - I've got about 10,000 songs in my Karaoke Database.


Posted Mon 12 Nov 07 @ 6:47 am
I did them one by one, but I am sure there is other software out there that can do it I just dont know which, I am sure someone will chime in.

Posted Mon 12 Nov 07 @ 8:55 am

Posted Wed 14 Nov 07 @ 3:10 am
Yeah, that seems to work. I tested a few files and the original files would not load. After the conversion, they loaded.

I'll try a few more hundred and see if they all convert without problems.

Worth the $40? - Yep!


Posted Sat 17 Nov 07 @ 1:33 am
djcelPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2004
bryantpb wrote :
I've been having that problem too. I wonder if it's the compression rate they are compressed at?
Does anyone else know why, perhaps?

I tried to easily explain the problem HERE

Posted Sat 17 Nov 07 @ 1:52 pm
discobrian24 wrote :
Take the ones that wont load, unzip them then rezip them using windows and let me know.

This is exactly what I do when they don't work. Everything's fine then ;)

Posted Wed 21 Nov 07 @ 6:41 pm
My blog outlines the proper way (free) for zipping karaoke files.

The problem that you are experiencing IS the compression ratio you use. You can't use "MAXIMUM" you have to use the default settings (I think it is a 5 out of 10)

You should be able to unilaterally unzip all files and then re-compress them if the zips are in one folder, however, if you have the folders separated by disc number, then it becomes exponentially more difficult. One other problem might occur if the files inside the zips are not labeled properly, you could end up with thousands of similar disks names thereby overwriting them (with assent given) and losing the data.

Back up and test small groups, but I think the procedure outlined in my blog will do the job for free, this is a known issue across multiple programs that do karaoke professionally.

As and afterthought, you could NOT unzip them until a singer requests them, then copy them to a special folder on your desktop, and perform the action as needed.

Posted Wed 28 Nov 07 @ 5:17 pm
I have tried zipping the files at a normal and/or default compression, but for reasons explained above when you do it with mp3 toolz, they somehow become useless in VDJ, regardless of compression ratio.

Posted Wed 28 Nov 07 @ 5:28 pm
TyponyPRO InfinityMember since 2007

Posted Tue 18 Dec 07 @ 3:15 pm
Ok listen up, going back some months now all the way back to ver 3.4 we had the same problem, being that not all zipped mp3+g files would load into vdj. After much lengthy discussion, with djcell it was agreed that the problem laid with the mp3g decoder in vdj. This was actually proven as all the mp3+g`s that didnt load into vdj in fact loaded ok in winamp (sax & dotty) pcdj, clubdj/pro and most other packages. Logic would then tell you (being a programmer myself) that the decoder for zipped files in vdj is just crap ! This was also the comment of Djcell at the time, and I was assured in time it would be fixed. It seems this is not the case, and in my opinion as a boni fida legal user that vdj is getting worse, now we have lost the ability to mix deck to deck and manually using the keys instead of the mouse. The best version in my opinoin was 4.3 also has flv support through the video decoder for utube ripped files. Take a look at the new Show Presenter which used to be sax and dotty, the same happened there. The program just doesnt work anymore.... It seems to me that we are being fored with features we dont want like off the mac and the features a lot of us do use are being taken away. To much messing and not enough listining to the paying customers..........VDJ Coders please fix this bug and bring back our deck to deck mixing..........

Posted Tue 18 Dec 07 @ 7:44 pm
I have to disagree in part. VDJ has added all the features a DJ needs. If you want to be JUST a KJ, then VDJ is NOT for you PERIOD. However, if you want to offer your audiences more, such as video and music, VDJ is the premier package. I'm not saying that to kiss up, I'm saying it because I've tried all the other "professional" packages and found them to be crap.

As far as Winamp, if you want to use that in your show, go ahead. I go to karaoke shows and LAUGH at the flaws I see with DJs (or wannabes) trying to use two separate programs. It's a joke.

As far as the ZIP files are concerned AND speaking in professional terms, you left out Hoster (Which I consider to be the best KARAOKE ONLY program on the market). Hoster ALSO had problems with overly compressed karaoke files and it has to do with performance quality, playability, and keychanging. To say that this is isolated to VDJ is ridiculous.

And on that note, if you play videos from YOUTUBE, you are not concerned with quality. VDJ will play very compressed Divx files, but unless you are playing on 19" or less TVs, people are going to notice how bad the quality is. I prefer higher quality video and sound in my performances, VDJ provides this.

Consider, Garbage in = Garbage out.

I don't think that it is too much of VDJ to require that you use a standard format to compress. If you downloaded (or bought a hard drive with) pre-compressed karaoke tracks, despite the legal issues, you have NO control over the quality and there's no guarantee that they will work. However, if you buy disks and use the method outlined in my blog, the tracks will work 100% of the time.

Posted Wed 19 Dec 07 @ 7:19 am
First of all if you had bothered to read the last post correctly you will have noticed that I referred to Hoster as Sax and Dotty, presenter being the new version which just doesnt work correctly. Secondly all my files are legal..... Thrirdly all files that dont work in vdj work in hoster which again if you were a proffesional then you would know that it is really just a front end for winamp... pcdj, cavs, clubdj pro and many others. Also I still have the comments from Djcell aboput the decoder in vdj being flawed as I sent him one such mp3+g which he tested himself and found it to be working on everything else except vdj. Soi next time you post something in defense have some backup..... Speaking Proffesionally 20 years in the job, Programmer and technition I think I know what I`m talking about......

Posted Wed 19 Dec 07 @ 9:13 am
Hoster, to correct you sir, is made by a company that has more years experience in the industry than you, MTU. If Sax and Dotty has recently changed their name, so be it, I was referring to the product that has been called Hoster longer. So YOU are wrong, sir.

As far as legal, great for you and me, bad for the rest who aren't.

All the files that do NOT work in VDJ do not work in Hoster as Zip files... it is a zip/CDG issue not VDJ.

I can get every CDG of mine to work in VDJ using the proper zip parameters PROVIDED it is not the old BMG karaoke disks. All Hits karaoke also have an issue with the opening screen, but again it is not necessarily and issue because the song plays correctly.

I don't care about your qualifications. The only qualification that would be a pre-requisite here is coding CDGs and binary coding on CDs, since you don't have that, it doesn't matter. To be slamming this product as the main problem is just bull. The problem is inherent to the CDG coding and transcends other professional software that you are NOT aware of, neither have you used. Sax and Dotty may be a front-end for Winamp but I considered both products to be amateuresq and therefor I don't use them.

Posted Wed 19 Dec 07 @ 9:35 am
I say again, Sax & Dotty Show Hoster which uses winamp and the winamp cdg decoder works fine on all the zip files that throw up error in vdj. Also for karaoke purposes sax and dotty`s show hoster was the best at the present time until the rights for the program were sold off. Read The Post..... Djcell who is a developer for vdj admitted thats the encoder within vdj is flawed, which would explain why the zips work perfectly well in other packages inc show hoster, oh yes I think winamp has been out longer that mtu hoster which is so messy and fiddly. VDJ for me is the best out of any for lots of reasons but there is still the issue of these zip files. Also features that we all use being removed as well. One thing about sax and dotty is it has never crashed in all the 5 years I used it, as for vdj which regulary crashes, you talk about proffesional mhh I can imagine what your setup must be like... ha ha !!! You want to see proffesional then come to one of my gigs, mhh, 5 residents a week plus private functions. Im working over 5 days a week thats because I am a Proffesional...... As for Mtu having more experience in the industry than me, im now 41 and have been writin g software for 25 years inc music software... Inc working on Cu-base and other well know music/karaoke packages.

Posted Wed 19 Dec 07 @ 9:50 am
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