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Topic: List of external Audio Cards for Timecode.use./comments.

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apopsisPRO InfinitySenior staffMember since 2003
Here are the most (not much really) of the avalaible options for mobile (usb/firewire/pcmci)
All these cards have at least 4 -ANALOG- inputs and ouputs for 2 turntable/cd-players TC setup, and mobile audio applications in general.
Pci cards are out of question, there are many choices for a desktop pc.
Also 2in/6out or simillar cards (5.1 etc) are out of question too, as they are not suitable for a TCV setup. I also have ignored some really expensive pro studio cards (motu, digidesign etc) as they offer more than needed at a "pro" price.
The upcoming, Berhinger bcd2000 and Hercules djconsole Mk2, may OR NOT be suitable for TCV use. I really can't really say or trust..., we can talk about then in a few months..
(Also they are controllers too, not pure soundcards..)

NOTE that - NOT - all of them are tested with virtualdj.
I can speak for sure for the Maya44usb, the most tested card, but unfortunately hard to find (discontinued)
The EsiU46dj is working but has some problems:
About the Emu1616, i know some mixvibes users had trouble to lower its asio latency below 10ms, while the RME cards are the best you can get, but the most expensive.

I'd like to see user reports for the other cards listed here, especially for the Edirol's.
(Then moderators can do this post sticky as a reference for external TCV cards)

Here is the list:



Esi U46Dj

Edirol uA-101


Edirol FA-66

Edirol FA-101

Esi Quatafire

M-Audio 1814

3.PCMCI (cardbus)


RME RPM+Cardbus (PCMCI) interface

Posted Sun 09 Oct 05 @ 3:31 pm

Posted Sun 09 Oct 05 @ 4:17 pm
acw_djPRO InfinitySenior staffMember since 2005
The ESI-Pro U46DJ is a problem since it has to be use with ASIO4ALL and not with the shipped ASIO drivers because it doesn't work with VDJ.

It's very useful you research Apopsis, congratulations.

We have to wait for new USB Mixer options and the BCD-2000 and DJConsole 2 to review our best options.

Posted Mon 10 Oct 05 @ 4:38 am
apopsisPRO InfinitySenior staffMember since 2003

Posted Mon 10 Oct 05 @ 11:00 am

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