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Topic: Strange stretched error on the Text to screen
not sure what is causing this..on my 18" screen ,windows 7,64bit Alienware...check the end of the text scrolling..long stretched text!!!



Posted Sun 26 Dec 21 @ 10:32 pm
Possibly caused by the sheer length of the text string - that's a loooooooooong title!

Posted Tue 28 Dec 21 @ 10:24 am
yeah..I just copy/paste the project file's name...so many trracks I've run out of things to text..still,this is strange..I think it might have to do with this laptop's resolution?...the plugins Gui are to large for the rest of Virtual dj's layout...i end up resizing them..that is the Shader gui and the Text to screen..this computer (Alienware 18) its true 18 inch wide(something i didnt know before) and my older alienware m18x is apparently 18" diagnal,similar to the even older legacy m9700 which is 17" diagnal..but neither of these have larger than normal gui panels...so there is some thing miss calculated..oh...and thats running VDJ 2020 n windows 7,64 bit..

Posted Tue 28 Dec 21 @ 7:51 pm
thetracker510 wrote :
it might have to do with this laptop's resolution

....and what is the resolution?


Posted Tue 28 Dec 21 @ 8:53 pm
1920 x 1080?...standard..but that gets spread out into a18 inch wide,not diagonally.;..and merry Christmax Groovin BTW...

Posted Tue 28 Dec 21 @ 9:29 pm
can you maybe try the plugin with some long text?

Posted Tue 28 Dec 21 @ 9:32 pm