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Topic: Looking for a star projector recommendation
Hi all, this isn't VDJ related but I've been asked to provide a star effect projected on the ceiling for a wedding.
All the effects I have looked at are just lasers projecting green and red dots so they don't really look at all like stars!
Can any of you guys please recommend anything that might give a more realistic "dancing under the stars" effect?
Thanks a lot

Posted 6 days ago @ 12:22 pm
what you probably need a is GOBO projector.

Posted 5 days ago @ 5:32 pm
A nice star gobo (like Rosco number 77932) in a Martin Wizard would create lots of the little blighters.

Do they want realistic looking (i.e. just dots) or concave decagons :-) ?

Posted 5 days ago @ 6:36 pm
bigron1PRO InfinityMember since 2010
This thread has got me thinking. I have 2 is ultra short throw and can project an 100" image from less than 1m. The other is not used yet is quite good (4000 lumen) projecting a 100" image from about 3m. Hm..the vdj sampler could do quite a nice job in combination with the latter projector.
It's a load of messing around but I'm sure it could work well.

Posted 5 days ago @ 9:32 pm
Maybe a beamer / full hd projector would be an idea in which you play a movie with stars on the ceiling.

a Second Idea:
Does a Star Nightlight for Childrens goes eventually too,but i waiste not that they have enough Lightoutput for the Wedding.


Posted 5 days ago @ 9:36 pm
What is your budget for this affair? If you are just interested in this affair, you may want to rent something, as the options available can be quite expensive. If it is an investment you are making, you still need to define your budget. No need spending money on a fixture, if you are just doing one gig with it. There are some laser type fixtures that look like stars. The gobo fixtures will just put as many stars that will fit on a gobo, on the ceiling and spin. There was a light that did a cloud star thing, and covered the whole ceiling but I can't find it.

Posted 5 days ago @ 2:37 am

Posted 4 days ago @ 4:57 pm