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Just saying. It would be so much easier to report bugs and errors if there were a forum category named "Bug reports" ... Now we have to choose between technical support or general discussion, and only this thinking is dumbing the question down. Well, what about a forum category named "Bug reports"? With a short detailed description that reports have to include os, ram, version, and so on.


Posted Sun 04 Mar 18 @ 5:35 am
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
Just report in technical. Honestly most bug reports are user error, I'm not saying there aren't bugs to be squashed but 99% would be dj clueless who hasn't RTM, wondering why the sound lags on his beatz Bluetooth headphones.

Posted Sun 04 Mar 18 @ 5:55 am
locodog wrote :
Just report in technical. Honestly most bug reports are user error, I'm not saying there aren't bugs to be squashed but 99% would be dj clueless who hasn't RTM, wondering why the sound lags on his beatz Bluetooth headphones.

Yes, understandable, I see your point.

Posted Tue 06 Mar 18 @ 12:20 am
While some bugs reported are user error, and some users don't know how to report a bug properly, but there is no proper tracking of bugs. This would help atomix and users. It might even expedite fixing some bugs if there was a formal record. I tend not to report problems unless I don't think it will be a waste of time on my part. You might be surprised how many bugs get reported by someone that knows how to test. Many pages of bugs and that is common with all software. Many more than what the user community will report and it is well worth it. If this was in place, there should also be a way to upload an audio or video file if there is a problem in this area. Having a problem file goes a long way in getting the problem fixed and add any relevant information. Then a programmer will be better prepared to fix the actual problem without spending too much with the preliminary things.

o - there are bugs that get reported more than once,

o - bugs that get missed because someone did not read it (happened to me and who is supposed to monitor that)

o - there is no status information

o - bugs in VDJ 8 technical forum get lost in the mix of other things and get push backed and can be hard to retrieve them

If one person was assigned to this task I think it would give some organization to it all. Good companies will have this in place. The person probably should not be one of the programmers as they tend to be busy with other things but the person should be technically aware of course. Bugs that get reported more than once should be filtered. The person responsible should try to reproduce the problem if possible.

Someone organizing this task other than one of the programmers can go a long way in helping and is more time effective than not doing it.

Posted Tue 06 Mar 18 @ 6:10 am
PachNPRO InfinityMember since 2009
Maybe there is a bug tracker, but we small users just can't see it :)

Posted Tue 06 Mar 18 @ 9:15 am
I would hope they have something but this is a poor way to report bugs. No real accountability and no way to know whats up for sure, I think once you report a bug, it becomes there responsibility at least to report status information. Unless someone says something you don't even know if it has been logged by Atomix.

Posted Tue 06 Mar 18 @ 11:38 am
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
There most certainty is a in house bug tracker and highly likely a wishes list, I've reported bugs that seemingly nobody else noticed and some took over 6 months to be squashed.
I imagine that they weren't a quick fix and probably needed a large amount of code to be rewritten.

I use to wonder if reported bugs got missed or ignored, the lack of acknowledgement was the cause, but from what seen over the years everything is noticed.

Posted Tue 06 Mar 18 @ 12:03 pm
Not everything is noticed. Here is one example. It applies that Adion is the one responsible for reading the forums for bugs. I realize others most likely do as well but it probably should be the responsibility of someone else.

reported August 2017

reported again November 2017 - Adion says he missed it the first time. Sure that can happen but the implication is that nobody else logged it either.

It goes on but not going to dwell on it. I take it the primary testers are the end users with some testing by devs first but I have no idea.

Posted Tue 06 Mar 18 @ 4:57 pm
I'm sure Scott has mentioned previously that there is an "internal" bug tracker between the dev team.

I brought up this very point some time ago and that was the answer.

I am participating in a beta with another company at the moment and ot's a wholly different expreience with everything logged and tracked.

Here's a thread from a couple of weeks ago which is a perfect example. I had been in dialogue with Adion but it's gone cold .....

Posted Tue 06 Mar 18 @ 5:01 pm
Yeah I hope to think they have bug tracking internally but sometimes I wonder and wonder what kind of testing goes on prior to putting up a new build... that is not the point... I've listed the points above implying we have the ability to see at least a little status of bugs. At the very least there should be follow up... Acknowledgement seems to be a little better now but the lack of any feed back in some cases is not good. So someone do deal with user issues reported in the forums, someone and someway to help users upload files when needed. and someone to weed thru the junk and duplicates and organize the issues so Atomix and us can deal with it better and an easier way to look thru the bugs would be nice...Would help everyone I believe.

You guys can defend the status quo to your hearts content instead of promoting things that could make a difference.

Pretty much no bug takes 6 months to fix. Many are quick to fix. In a rare case, some can take a week or more. Finding bugs can be almost be like an art form. No one is immune to bugs. When they can be reproduced easily, they are much easier most of the time. Time to fix of course depends if someone is working on them or not, work load, etc. And when fixing bugs sometimes other bugs are introduced.

Posted Tue 06 Mar 18 @ 5:14 pm