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Topic: Help Gigbar IRC
Ok can any owners of this unit please tell me how to set the DMX channel??

I've read the manual a hundred times but I must be doing something wrong because I can't control any lights.

Please help me if possible??

Thanks for the time and info.

Posted Mon 30 Oct 17 @ 4:26 am
Groovin, George, anyone with DMX experience??

Posted Mon 30 Oct 17 @ 3:13 pm
Page 22 of the manual! :P
Then pages 24-27 depending on which DMX mode you select (3, 9 or 20 Channels )

Posted Mon 30 Oct 17 @ 5:29 pm
Yes I've read it a hundred times. I can get the channel selected but it's the other number (I think it's the address) that has me stumped.

I want to run 20channels.

I can see on the unit itself that it says "d001"

Is that where I set the address from??

Posted Mon 30 Oct 17 @ 7:09 pm
Yes. d001 means that the bar starts listening on address 001
When you see d001 you should use the navigation buttons to change the number to whatever address you like.
Let's say wou want it to start to 072. Press Nav UP button until you see d072.
When you see d072 press ENTER button.
d072 should blink on screen, and the bar should start listening on address 072

Posted Mon 30 Oct 17 @ 8:44 pm
Is there a standard as to where I should start?? Or does that depend on the software I'm using??

Posted Tue 31 Oct 17 @ 12:03 am
Ok I got it all figured out, now I just need SoundSwitch to support VDJ cues and Im golden!!

Thanks for the help George!!

Posted Tue 31 Oct 17 @ 3:05 am