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Topic: 3in1 Video Plugin
@Scott and any other plugin dev...

I'm overhauling my equipment (going more portable and wireless), leaving out old, and buying new components, and I need to know if it would be possible for you to make a plugin that sends three different deck video outputs to three different parts of the external display.

Let me explain: I have three beamers (of 1024x768 resolution each) connected to the Matrox TripleHead2Go adapter, making Windows believe I have one single secondary display of 3072x768 resolution. I need a plugin that will make sure the video output of deck 1 is always on 0x0, deck 2 on 1024x0 and deck 3 on 2048x0 pixels, so that they fill the complete area.

The object is to achive that (3 deck mixing) it is posible for the audience to see each track or loop that is playing out live...

Since I need to make some hardware decisions now, based on what will be possible (no rush for that plugin, just need certainty), I would very much appreciate if any of you could look into this...

Posted Sun 16 Jul 17 @ 1:02 pm
Re-reading my post, I think the tone is not what I felt (petition) but rather arrogant (the king orders you to, and asks when it will be ready), I apologize for that. English is not my native tongue. What I wanted to say was:

1. Is this technically possible?
2. Would anyone want to do this?
3. I would of course pay for the plugin, that goes without saying.

(insert smiley with red cheeks)

Posted Mon 17 Jul 17 @ 9:10 am
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
1. Yes, it can be done with a multi-deck transition plugin

Posted Mon 17 Jul 17 @ 10:06 am
Hi Adion :)
I looked for that multi-deck transition plugin but couldn't find it.
Could you post a link to the download section of the plugin you are talking about?

Posted Mon 17 Jul 17 @ 11:40 am
I saw those, but they don't seem to do what I want.
I think Adion meant another one, called "multi-deck"...

Posted Mon 17 Jul 17 @ 3:31 pm
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
Sorry for the confusion, I didn't meant that such a plugin already existed.
A "multi-deck transition plugin" is just a type of plugin that is new to vdj 8 which allows a transition effect to access all decks and therefore allows greater control over how to lay out the video on-screen as opposed to most transition plugins that only allow transitioning between left and right deck.

I'm not aware of any that exist yet, but someone who knows how to write plugins could make it quite easily.

Posted Mon 17 Jul 17 @ 3:58 pm
djcelPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2004
With this I guess:

IDirect3DSwapChain9 interface, which contains a frame buffer corresponding to the client area of the child window. This process is performed for each view window, so that that there is a swap chain for each view window.

IDirect3DDevice9::CreateAdditionalSwapChain method

Or maybe easier with one video output with Adion's solution (with extended desktop).

Posted Fri 21 Jul 17 @ 6:41 am
Yes, I would think (as a non-technical person with no programming knowledge whatsoever) that for the sake of program (VDJ) compatibility (which has only one video output afaik) and the ease of deployment (for the deejay when using the plugin) it would be better to stick with the standard, single, external monitor (extended desktop) way...

This is also what the Matrox TripleHead2Go DE adapter does: it creates one (very wide) external monitor for Windows, and then divides the video output for that monitor into three seperate video outputs.

Posted Fri 21 Jul 17 @ 8:53 am