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Topic: Pioneer DDJ-WeGO3

Posted Fri 21 Nov 14 @ 9:47 pm
i really like using this skin but i have a few questions. right now i use (Notepad ++) to open up XML files. and i know how to change certain things around to my liking. what i want to know & change the top left corner & top right corner when it displays the time & says Remain,Total,Elapsed. i want to change to font size (if i can) to an bigger size so i can see it better. im looking through the xml file now but cant find can u tell me what line its on so i can go right to it ? (line as when i open up notepad ++ on the far left side it has the # lines)

also i want to change the highlighted scroll bar. meaning like in the browser section when im scrolling through my songs. it high lights the songs with an light grey color. i want to change that to some other color that i like that stands out better. thank you for your tyme

Posted Sun 25 Jan 15 @ 10:38 pm
Hey guy's can you create a skin for the wego4 please . Thanks in advance !

Posted Thu 24 Nov 16 @ 1:15 pm