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DJVito62 wrote on Tue 10 Apr 18
Anything on the RZX mapper. I believe there's a beta version with the screens working can I give it a try PLEEEEAAASE...........
user16667393 wrote on Wed 28 Feb 18
help: problem!

HELLO, I bought the pro package to use my pioneer rx2. I downloaded the map, but it does not work well. only deck 1 works. 2 does not read me anything. why? what settings do they need ??
thank you
this is the download link for rx2:
dj_maxman wrote on Wed 07 Feb 18
any news for pioneer rzx oficial suport
dj_maxman wrote on Wed 07 Feb 18
any news for pioneer rzx oficial suport
dj lefout97128 wrote on Mon 29 Jan 18
i nead a skin for mixtrack platinum pro 3
veronica chonillo wrote on Tue 21 Nov 17
saludos el skin reloop no me abre en mi virtual dj 8.2
bazzin wrote on Fri 19 May 17
would there be any chance of an EQ plug in for the Microphone on the Pioneer DDJ-RR ? Please
wymingbil wrote on Thu 23 Mar 17
hello is it possible to have the "browser zoom" button on the Stanton DJC4 skin? it exists on the VDJ8 default version on the lower left side but not on the DJC4. Thanks
nimodj wrote on Fri 17 Mar 17
can you do video pls Manage (load / save) the 2 FX Banks of the Pioneer DJM-S9.

nimodj wrote on Fri 17 Mar 17
Manage (load / save) the 2 FX Banks of the Pioneer DJM-S9.
how it work ?
ezequieln65 wrote on Fri 27 Jan 17
I need interface controller for Numark NV
dadwyer wrote on Sun 21 Aug 16
Hi ..... Is a skin for American Audio VMS5 planned in the near future?
user13797650 wrote on Wed 03 Aug 16
Hi guys I can see the demon 8000 is in beta any idea to completion date and is there any chance that it can be made for touch screen DJing as I am using 27inch touch screen and controller .. best wishes Tim
olditunes wrote on Mon 04 Jul 16
a plug-in for pioneer ddj-rr will be released??
yakardj wrote on Wed 25 May 16
Hi there,

I have a Pioneer XDJ RX DJ Controller using it with Virtual Dj 8 software When i had the controller first time it had the version of 1.6 which was working very well with Virtual Dj8 then when i upgraded it to the version of 2.10 everything collapsed such as the head phone does not work and the effect buttons are not functional anymore.

While i try these i use XDJ RX mapping which also does not response whatsoever.I am in so much trouble as i have to get it fixed as soon as possible to be able to get back to work again!(I do Disk jockeying almost 2-3 times a week)

Could you please help me to fix this problem? or advise me something that would make it work again?

Looking forward to hear from you.