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Topic: [NEWS] VirtualDJ 8 "get beta builds" option - Page: 1

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We decided to open our beta builds to whoever wants to get them.

1) What is a "beta build" ?

VirtualDJ 8 is still relatively young, and has only recently been exposed to the intensive use of millions of users.
Whether it can crash when using a particular skin that we didn't try before, or a special combination of video driver and video file, or a strange characters in ID3 tags, there will always be some situations that we didn't test during the early beta-testing phases, and that we have to fix on-the-go as VirtualDJ 8 gets used by more and more people.

That's why during the first month after VirtualDJ 8's release, we're probably going to push new builds almost daily, to fix the few quirks and bugs we find.
But of course, every time we compile a new "build", we need to test it thoroughly before we can send it to our millions of users.
It wouldn't do to replace a perfectly-working build by one with a new bug that we just introduced, just before you go to an important gig, and have you crash in the middle.

That's why every new build stays in "beta" stage for one or two days, being extensively tested by our beta-testers team (and now by whoever wants to try), before we make it public.

2) Why would I want to get beta builds ?

The advantage is that you will get to try the latest features and changes before everybody else. And you will get the general bug-fixes faster too.
The drawback is that since these builds are fresh and untested, there is always the small chance that it introduces a regression bug, and be actually less stable than the previous builds (though we do try our best to make sure this doesn't happen).

3) What should I do to get beta builds ?

Inside VirtualDJ, go to config, options, click on "show advanced", search for "beta", it will show an option called "getBetaBuild". Change it to "yes".
(alternatively, you can set it globally for all your computers at once by going on the website in the "My Account" page and check the "get beta build" option and press Save).

4) What should I do if I find a bug in a beta build?

If it's a regression bug, that is new in this build but wasn't present in previous builds, please report it in our Regression-bugs forum.
If it's a regular bug, that was already present in previous builds, please report it in our Regular bugs forum.

Posted Tue 27 May 14 @ 2:23 am
RobRoyPRO InfinitySenior staffMember since 2012
Just a question by some users:

If they sign up for beta build, will there be a overview in the changelog again to see what issues/ bugs have been fixed ?

EDIT: Done....;-)

Posted Tue 27 May 14 @ 6:50 am
This should be optional on login in the app itself...
I guess many ppl don't mind using a beta build at home when just messing around or preparing a set.. BUT when I have a gig on friday, I wonna use the latest stable build.
So make an option at login

1. Use beta build for this session
2. Use latest stable version this session

Posted Tue 27 May 14 @ 8:02 am
Or you just don't update on your gig machine until your happy it's stable for you.

Posted Tue 27 May 14 @ 8:52 am
Many ppl use the same machine for gigs as for home use.. just saying you would get a bigger testing field with my option ,;)

Posted Tue 27 May 14 @ 9:40 am
If thats the case then I wouldn't let a beta build anywhere near something i'm going to use for a gig.

Thats just my opinion though.

Posted Tue 27 May 14 @ 9:53 am
I don't see the problem with it IF you can chose to log in with the latest stable build.
BTW, unless you have 2 exact same setups, you can NEVER know if it's stable for you untill you tried it :D

Posted Tue 27 May 14 @ 9:58 am
Do You ASSIGN the Beta Tester(s) a Specific PROBLEM (Bug) to Help Resolve.


Posted Tue 27 May 14 @ 5:40 pm
No, we are just reporting them. The development team addresses the bugs.

Posted Wed 28 May 14 @ 1:59 am
where would we report bugs and observations to? [solved]

Posted Wed 28 May 14 @ 8:18 am

Posted Thu 29 May 14 @ 3:20 am
FLeX69PRO InfinityMember since 2006
What's uup :),

How will I receive the beta build? Will I receive it as a regular update and do I have an option to postpone the download if I am on my primary rig?

Thank you Felix

Posted Thu 29 May 14 @ 4:56 am
on the latest builds, you can now select to receive beta builds directly from the software in advanced options -> getBetaBuild.
(this way, you can set the setting to yes on your home computer and to off on your gig computer)

Posted Fri 30 May 14 @ 12:16 am
FLeX69PRO InfinityMember since 2006
Great, thank you sclavel.

Posted Fri 30 May 14 @ 1:55 am
Greatly appreciate the opportunity Sclavel

Posted Fri 30 May 14 @ 10:53 am
hola soy jose cime u me gustaría tener amigos en esta comunidad

Posted Sun 01 Jun 14 @ 11:36 pm
Sorry, this forum is for English language messages only.

Please either post your message again in English or use the appropriate language forum at the bottom of to post in your own language.

Posted Mon 02 Jun 14 @ 5:45 am
VJ DinaPRO InfinityMember since 2014
Hi All, i like virtualDJ 8, the minus of Virtual DJ 8 for me is :
1. There is no clipbank
2. the display of config is not easy use and is not familiar.
Thank you

Posted Tue 03 Jun 14 @ 6:47 am
Still can not play cds from the program if they can give solution thanks.

And so the pad plus the Pioneer SR does not work correctly Loop Roll.

Posted Fri 06 Jun 14 @ 6:07 pm
this is not the thread for this.please post under "Bug_Reports"...thanks...

Posted Fri 06 Jun 14 @ 6:31 pm
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