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Topic: [NEW] [VDJ8] GreySheepHD


The BlackSheep came back with his bigger brother.
2, 4 and 6 deck skins included in the pack.

Modelled very much on BlackSheepHD - but with more knowledge of Version 8, this was the result.

2 Deck Skin

The same 6 Views on each Deck, but they are different:

  • Standard Layout (default)
  • Small Video Deck
  • Large Video Deck
  • Scratch View
  • Pads View
  • (Sven's) Combi View

5 Mixer Views:

  • Standard Audio
  • Video Mixer
  • Big Screen Mixer - to toggle this option click on the button in the top right of the video screen in video view.
  • Scratch Mixer - included timecode options
  • Pads Mixer - Does what it says on the tin.

4 Deck Skin

3 Views on each Deck:

  • Standard Layout (default) - Small jog, 5 custom buttons, 3 effects slots.
  • Video - as above but loses the custom buttons
  • Scratch - as standard but without custom buttons but gains a scratchwave.
  • Scratch View - identical to standard but replaces large jog with a smaller version and includes scratchwave
  • Pads View - Does what it says on the tin.
  • (Sven's) Combi View - at a user request a combination of video and scratch view.

5 Mixer Views:

  • Standard Audio - 4 Channel with option to change layout 1-2-3-4 or 3-1-2-4
  • Video Mixer - works in left right logic in 4 deck mode
  • Big Screen Mixer - to toggle this option click on the button in the top right of the video screen in video view. works in left right logic in 4 deck mode.
  • Scratch Mixer - included timecode options
  • Pads Mixer - Does what it says on the tin.

6 Deck Skin

Identical to the 2 deck view, with a slightly smaller browser and the addition of 6 mini decks!
Mixer functions work on left and right logic.

Rhythm View options available from the button in the far right of the rhythm waveform.

Other options in the skin menu (top left) including the option to change the browser background from grey to black if you would prefer.

Plus Lots Lots More,

As always with my skins, i appreciate your thoughts and comments.
Thanks for looking and downloading!!

Posted Sun 11 May 14 @ 3:18 pm
xgl_djPRO InfinityMember since 2004
My favorite skin.

I don't want to mess with your creation but if possible can you add the option to disable the rhythm view like in blacksheep.

Also if you disable the rhythm can this entire section be not shown - I just think it take up alot of space if someone does not use the rhythm view..

I know beggars are not choosers but just thought I would ask..

Posted Sat 21 Jun 14 @ 6:37 pm
Hi just downloaded this skin which looks good, however when iam using the skin it appears to "dim" this tends to happen when loading milkbox8. the screen dims and some of the lettering is unreadable. Any ideas what this could be?

Posted Tue 24 Jun 14 @ 5:59 am
I saw your post in the MilkDrop thread so tested.

Can't reproduce here. Have you checked that your graphics drivers are all up-to-date. That sounds like a likely cause.

Posted Tue 24 Jun 14 @ 6:01 am
Thank you for looking, yes done that already, Have seen a tread where the files are in two different areas such as plugin and visuals do you think it could be that ?

Posted Tue 24 Jun 14 @ 6:18 am
I don't see how that would affect the skin though, that what's puzzling me.

Do you have any settings in the grpahics card 3d? try setting these to best quality.

Posted Tue 24 Jun 14 @ 6:23 am

Just checked graphic setting all to performance, the dimming also happens when loading tracks video/MP3 and when clicking on different features. It will come back to full brightness when it feels like it ! ? Any other suggestions ? (it does not do this in VDJ7 with any skin). Thank you.

Posted Wed 25 Jun 14 @ 5:32 am
I am 100% confident this is NOT a skin related issue. There is no physical way the skin can change color on its own.

It certainly points to a graphics related issue on your machine. You say your drivers are up-to-date, you've checked your settings.
Next step i would log a support issue and see whether one of the tech team has an idea:

Posted Wed 25 Jun 14 @ 5:42 am
the dimming happens in the default skin too.
it could be a recessional bug..

Posted Wed 25 Jun 14 @ 5:46 am

Posted Wed 25 Jun 14 @ 5:58 am
Thank you for your help, the skin by the way looks and works great !

Posted Thu 26 Jun 14 @ 6:06 am
this is the best skin Virtual DJ 8 can ask for! i just have one issue with the waveform on top, for some reason the second deck waveform is not functioning properly. could it be a bug or a setting that i dont know about?
thank you!

Posted Tue 29 Jul 14 @ 10:43 am
jedaxHome userMember since 2012
Hi, where can i find the configuration button? Thank You! Nice Skin at all (y)

Posted Wed 04 Mar 15 @ 4:50 pm
excellent skin congratulations

Posted Wed 16 Mar 16 @ 4:53 am
DSSSDPRO InfinityMember since 2014
Hi Any chance of adding the Master Video Effects/Video Source drop down menu as in the Default VDJ8 Skin on the video tab. You have the master audio effects on your video tab but no Master Video Effects/Video Source.

Posted Mon 17 Sep 18 @ 7:34 pm