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Topic: Uploading mixes
Hey guys,

I was just wandering where I could upload my mixes (without copyright infringement) for my friends to hear? I thought that if you own a song that uploading a mix with those songs wouldn't be a problem, but I guess not? Is there a way to upload mixes like this or do I need to literally make music from scratch to upload them without infringing on copyright?



Posted Tue 16 Oct 12 @ 10:50 pm
Maybe this will help. A lot of people forget that you only purchase the right to listen to the material.

Posted Wed 17 Oct 12 @ 4:31 pm
havent uploaded a mix in a while used to upload to

could try that site

Posted Wed 17 Oct 12 @ 4:52 pm covers the "distribution" rights. No downloads there though. You (of course) still need to own the source material licenses.

Posted Thu 18 Oct 12 @ 9:23 am
If it's just for your friends, why not upload them to your own web site or storage space (cloud etc) and then give the link to your friends?

You could also upload to YouTube as a private video and give your friends the link.

Posted Thu 18 Oct 12 @ 9:35 am
yashdedHome userMember since 2014
How can i upload my mix made on virtual dj

Posted Tue 03 Jun 14 @ 12:12 pm
yashded wrote :
How can i upload my mix made on virtual dj

I use

Posted Mon 22 Jan 18 @ 5:22 pm
There is also an area here, on your home page.

Posted Mon 22 Jan 18 @ 5:51 pm