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Can i if not chagne me frgn nickname just delete the acount then ??!!

Posted Thu 31 Aug 17 @ 12:01 am
Who typed it in then? You should've been sensible in the first place!

As your account isn't tied to a license, just stop using it and create another one (with some thought behind it). :-)

Posted Thu 31 Aug 17 @ 5:39 pm
kradcliffe wrote :
The ability to expand a posted screenshot to full size when clicking on it.

Sure this has been asked for many times before.

Still not implememted.

Posted Tue 05 Sep 17 @ 8:18 pm
PachNPRO InfinityMember since 2009
Yes. Definitely helpfull.

Posted Wed 06 Sep 17 @ 10:13 am
Are we ever going to get the ability to expand posted images?

this has been promised for ages now. Many screenshots are shrunk down to fit the page and are practically unreadable especially on the mobile view.

It's not easy to help people when you can't see the images they have posted properly.

Also still a bug when you post an image that is too large it will just not appear but post a blank entry. Can this be fixed too please?

Posted Mon 30 Oct 17 @ 2:53 pm
You can right click an image in FF and select view image to see either the normal size or at least a larger size. I think it was hard resized before but not sure.

Posted Thu 02 Nov 17 @ 10:08 pm
i wish all addons came with a link to a youtube video so i can see how new stuff works.

Posted 4 days ago @ 8:00 pm
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