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Topic: Advice: Serato Video vs. Virtual DJ - Page: 1
Hey guys,

I'm going to start spinning videos and am trying to decide the best route to take. I've got Traktor and a Audio 8 box but that doesn't seem to help me with videos, unfortunately. Seems like I have two options: Serato Video or Virtual DJ. I'm looking for advice on which to get.

The club has a Serato box and discs already, so, I'd just need to get Scratch Live and the Serato Video plugin. Or, I could buy Virtual DJ. I'm used to using CDJs so not sure how comfortable I'd be with going straight-up laptop, auto-beatmixing with VDJ. My Mac laptop meets the requirements for both packages.

So, if anyone has experience with both, I'd like to hear from you most. Thanks in advance.

Posted Fri 20 Apr 12 @ 5:35 pm
Well if you go the Serato route, you'll be stuck with using that sound card - so if you ever work anywhere else, you'll be stuffed (unless they have a box too).

Or are you planning on buying the full Serato package? Seems a bit of a waste (IMO) considering you've already got a perfectly good sound card.

VDJ on the other hand will work with pretty much any card you throw at it. Same with USB controllers. Plug it in and off you go!

That would be the deciding factor for me. Being tied to certain hardware, or being free to use what you want.

Oh, and you don't have to auto beat mix with VDJ!

Posted Fri 20 Apr 12 @ 6:08 pm
djcityPRO InfinityMember since 2005

I am a user of both programs and both have their positives.

Virtual DJ is far more versatile and can be used with just about all soundcards (including serato) and just about all controllers.

For video, Virtual DJ has it hands down. It works and it works the way it's supposed to.

Virtual DJ is also highly customize-able letting you make your DJ experience the way YOU want it to be. Be it skins, sound Fx, samples, recording, broadcasting, plugins, soundcards, controllers, video mixing, CD players, turntables... You name it and Virtual DJ has you covered.

As far as video goes, Virtual DJ beats serato video. Don't get me wrong. Serato Video is good but it's far behind Virtual DJ and this is coming from a professional dj that uses both programs.

Virtual DJ lets you use way more formats than serato be it mp4, mp3+3, mov mpg, avi, dvx... I'm sure i'm missing some but you get my drift right?

In the end, pick the one that's going to work best for you and your purposes. I just wanted to point out some things that may be helpful to you in order to make a more informed decision.

Posted Fri 20 Apr 12 @ 7:08 pm
Thanks for the feedback so far! I was reading and playing around with VDJ (Free version) and it seems you can use Traktor Timecode CDs. That would be great! Can I also get the mixer in VDJ to tie into the Pioneer mixer at the club so I can crossfade videos myself? Or is it better to let the software do it so transitions are smoother?

I posted on the Serato forums and they suggested I get Mix Emergency since I have a Mac. Any input on that advice?

Lastly, even if Timecode CDs work, do you recommend I get a cheap controller to use instead?

Posted Fri 20 Apr 12 @ 7:13 pm
I have both Virtual Dj & Serato Itch with video, I have to say Virtual Dj will run pretty flawlessly if your computer has the right specs. Itch is very good as well but it is much more picky about your video card. Virtual is much easier to customize has more plugins. With Itch your restricted to a few Midi controllers ( i have the Verstax vci 300 mkii. Virtual Dj will work with just about any midi controller (I use a Hercules mk4 very small and fits in my laptop bag). Don't get me wrong Serato Itch with Video works very well and is a great product. Virtual Dj is more versatile, cost less , and it works well.


Posted Sat 21 Apr 12 @ 1:41 pm
Ok. I've got a Macbook Pro 2.4 Ghz Intel core duo, 4 gb DDR3, nVidia GeForce 9400m 256 mg. What do you think? I have the VDJ demo and it runs fine so far.

Do you advise getting a small controller vs. using Timecode CDs? I'm leaning towards VDJ. But, people in the Serato forum keep talking about Mix Emergency and how great it is...

Posted Sat 21 Apr 12 @ 4:54 pm
djcityPRO InfinityMember since 2005
You have the same MBP that I do....

You will be just fine. Timecode or controller. Controller is just more convenient.

Posted Sat 21 Apr 12 @ 4:56 pm
Okay cool. I need to get another external HD. How fast do they need to spin, can't remember... So there is no delay with the videos... Any good Mac brands to suggest?

Also, how much space should I get? 1tb? 2tb? Used to using storage for music but I know vidz are much larger.

Posted Sat 21 Apr 12 @ 5:48 pm
djpeterj wrote :
Okay cool. I need to get another external HD. How fast do they need to spin, can't remember... So there is no delay with the videos... Any good Mac brands to suggest?

Also, how much space should I get? 1tb? 2tb? Used to using storage for music but I know vidz are much larger.

I use a 1tb USB powered external hd. It might be 5500rpm. It has just under 11,000 videos. No problems with VDJ at all.

Posted Sat 21 Apr 12 @ 9:39 pm
938MyDJPRO InfinityMember since 2007
I started with 1TB, now using 2TB, and I have (an un-opened) 3TB in preparation for the future. I get an average of 10 music videos a day (except weekends) from my subscription.

Getting a controller bundled with VDJ LE will give you big discount when you upgrade to PRO. And if you're used with CD, you might like Numark Mixdeck. It has CD players, thumbstick ports, Ipod-dock (great for back-up), and at the same time a midi-controller with analogue mixer.


Posted Sat 21 Apr 12 @ 9:52 pm
pseftPRO InfinityMember since 2009
and its plug and play with CDJ's if u have the update firmware on ur decks

Posted Sun 22 Apr 12 @ 1:12 am
3skyPRO InfinityMember since 2006
I think video part is much better with VDJ than serato video.Mixemergency is the best,fantastic effects ,transitions and options, but it will not work with any future versions of serato ssl and doesnt work with itch.If you go with serato(with serato video of ME),you will have to convert all your videos to serato video friendly format,which for me was very long and painfull process.Picture quality is noticebly better with vdj.Sound quality of vdj is the same as serato.Most of VDJ sound effects are useless,but we hope it will be better with VDJ 8.Serato is more stabile,but when it freezes the sound stops,when VDJ freezes the sound goes on for a while which gives you time to prepare backup.If you go with it itch,dont get DDJ s1,it doest work with VDJ on mac.

Posted Sun 22 Apr 12 @ 3:12 pm
Scratch live & serato Itch uses the same plug in called Serato Video for both software combined. It plays Mov, Mp4, M4a, Avi, mpg, Mpeg, dv, H.264, (Qtz, mac only) And if you installed a codec, it will play FLv, Mkv, Divx, Gvi & more.

Posted Sun 22 Apr 12 @ 6:26 pm
thanks for all the input guys! I guess I'm looking at a 1 TB or 2 TB drive to start with. As far as controllers go, what about the Hercules DJC Mk4? Seems like the price is right, and I can use Traktor with it if I want to, on top of VDJ. Or perhaps the Hercules RMX?

What's the difference in VDJ LE and VDJ Full? Video capability?

Posted Sun 22 Apr 12 @ 6:56 pm
ZamoodaPRO InfinityMember since 2010
Take a look at the Denon MC 6000. very versatile for mixing video.

Posted Mon 23 Apr 12 @ 2:24 pm
Thanks for the suggestion but that one is a bit pricy for me. Can anyone else comment on the two I mentioned above? Looking to pay $300 or less I'd say...

Posted Mon 23 Apr 12 @ 3:26 pm
I may wait on the controller and just get a G-Drive 2 TB 7200 rpm external along with VDJ. My VJ friend attaches little monitors to the DVJs to see what's playing. Is there anyway you can do that with VDJ or are you stuck with the little screens on the main console?

Posted Mon 23 Apr 12 @ 5:55 pm
938MyDJPRO InfinityMember since 2007
Here's a one thing you can do...

Or this...

You could even have a separate monitor on your booth if you want to but you will need to have the necessary cables, selector box, splitters, etc...

Posted Mon 23 Apr 12 @ 6:29 pm
I bought a vestax VCI300mk11 contoller using Serato Itch with information from Serato folks that video for itch was in the works, while waiting for it (a long wait), I got a gig & needed video capability so I bought VDJ pro, they show the Vestax as a supported controller. I loathed using it because VDJ didnt match up with some of my controls, popping glitches that wouldnt go away, no colored wave forms ect...I dont need a million different skins, Just a controller that is well matched to its software & glitch free. Serato does that and has in my opinion a professional appearance/interface. The colored wave forms are priceless. I keep VDJ just in case I ever had to do something without my VCI300 but havent opened it since video for Itch became available. Also Serato Video has much more advanced video effects.

Posted Thu 03 Jan 13 @ 12:43 am
DjYayayHome userMember since 2008
Mixvibes Video-plugin

The effects (FX) are applied to both the audio and the video stream
You can also take full control over audio and video separately


I need this ,like Pioneer SVM-1000 ,in the New Virtual Dj 8.....and I sing:
I Got You (I Feel Good) ....jeje.

Posted Thu 03 Jan 13 @ 4:46 am
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