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Author - Topic: VMS2 from American Audio not activate with my virtualdj pro only with the virtualdj LE -


Limited edition user
Posted Mon 03 Oct 11 @ 7:28 pm
Hi, i buy the vms2 and install the driver for the VMS2 and when i run the virtualdj Pro the vms2 not activate, i install the virtualdj LE than come with the vms2 and when i run this version the vms2 work fine, i try to uninstall and reinstall the virtualdj pro and the vms2 not work, and check the configuration for the vms2 and both virtualdj's has the same.

have installed:

Virtualdj LE 7.05 (Come with the VMS2) (This work perfect)
Virtualdj Pro 7.02 (Not work the vms2, all lights off)

Windows Vista Home Premium with Service Pack 2

Thanks a lot
Posted Mon 03 Oct 11 @ 10:49 pm
Just think of it.
You are a limited edition user BUT you have a Pro 7.0.2 (older) version.
IF your copy is illegal, an illegal software will never perform as expected from original software.
I am not selling VirtualDJ here, but I believe you should think about upgrading to Pro 7.0.5 once your LE works fine.


Limited edition user
Posted Tue 04 Oct 11 @ 1:13 am
I dowload and install the version of virtualdj pro full 7.05b and work fine my VMS2.



Professional edition user
Posted Wed 05 Oct 11 @ 12:17 am
I have the same problem! but I bought the original vitrual dj pro couple of months ago for my Numark MIDI controller, now I want to use it with the AVMS2 but it doesn't work, the upgrade that is offering me the VDJ LE that came with the AVMS2 is the same as the virtual DJ pro that I have... does anyone else have the same problem? thank you for your help!)


Ultra-VIP Member
Posted Wed 05 Oct 11 @ 4:57 am
You have installed the Newest VDJ Version ? 7.0.5b ?

Get it from your Download Center!


Limited edition user
Posted Wed 21 Dec 11 @ 2:29 pm
Hard way! Uninstall your VDJ pro and database. Then clear everything in your compter from my computer/programs/vdj. Then install the vdj le that came with the controller. Once done, reinstall your version of Virtual DJ pro. Hard because you will loose your already scaned data base and need to rescan everything all over.

Eazy way! Download soundcard drivers from the Vms website and install. Install your Vdj le on a different computer than the one you use, then go in and and grab the skin and put on a flash drive, and upload to the computer you do use and place it in the Vdj/ skins folder.

Hope this helps. Now what I want to know, is can the vms2 run turntables in timecode mode, using the built in soundcard without a conectiv. Like the Hercules RMS does?


Limited edition user
Posted Wed 28 Dec 11 @ 10:25 am
Thanks, I got the vms2 set and working timecode. Works great.


Limited edition user
Posted Wed 28 Dec 11 @ 7:00 pm
an Even easier fix for this is to activate your "Post EQ" mode to do this Hold your Right deck's "Forward Search Button" and Switch on the Controller. to Exit this mode Switch off the Controller and do it again.


Professional edition user
Posted Thu 16 Feb 12 @ 8:46 pm
I just bought the vms 2 need help setting up no light up after I configure outputs to advanced config deck 1-vms2 audio midi device-output 1&2
deck 2 vms2 audio midi device output 3&4. Im a pro user fully updated cant find any firmware none came with the controller running with my mac book pro


No license user
Posted Sun 02 Mar 14 @ 10:51 am
hey i have a vms2 and i was wondering if i can connect turntables (technics1200) to it . and would i need the rane serato box


Experienced pro user
Posted Sun 02 Mar 14 @ 12:16 pm
Yes, as mentioned on page 14 of the manual. There's also a picture of how the turntables are connected on page 22 of the manual.

Another way of telling is to look at the VMS2 itself. You'll notice the RCA inputs have switches next to them, marked line/phono.


Limited edition user
Posted Sat 08 Mar 14 @ 3:58 am
Hey i buy Vms2 yesterday ...
I have already installed in my computer virtual dj version 7.0 pro...
my Vms2 works only as sound card ...
when i move her buttons nothing moves or works on screen , i have to do everything with the mouse...
plz help !

P.S. i dont want to use the virtual dj LE that came with the vms2 ... it does not have enough options for my job...


Experienced pro user
Posted Sat 08 Mar 14 @ 5:43 am
You need to register VDJ Pro to your account, which will then allow you to download the latest version. The VMS2 is natively supported in the latest VDJ Pro version 7.4.1

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