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Topic: denon dn-s1200
how do i connect the dn-s 1200 with a dn-x120 mixer

Posted Fri 15 Jul 11 @ 5:44 pm
If you dont know how to connect a pair of DN-S1200 to the Mixer you have some serious DJing issues lol

But if you want to know how to connect this setup to Virtual DJ on a PC then follow my steps
1) Plug in your decks to your mixer as normal
2) GO to Denons website and get the latest ausio drivers for the DN-S1200 and install them onto your computer.
3) install USB cable from computer to each CD Deck
4) Put you CD decks in MIDI mode
5) Fire off VDJ and go to Config
6) Inputs: none
Outputs: External mixer

This should get you playing but if it doesn't I suggest you go to the Denon section on this forum and read up for your solution, Im pretty sure this setup is explained on there.

7) MOST IMPORTANT STEP - If you like the software buy it - I highly suggest Virtual DJ Pro

Posted Sat 16 Jul 11 @ 2:11 pm
after a lot of time i think i did it
but can you tel me please how can i pre listen the track from the botom bar,,,if i push play the sound goes from the speakers but not on the way...i have the original program of vdj the version 7.0.5b

Posted Wed 02 Nov 11 @ 4:57 pm
I want to connect the denon 1200 to the pc and use the NUMARK DJ|iO as the soundcard.

The reason i want to do this is so i can switch from cd to usb without the program crashing. Can anyone gguide me on how to do this.

Posted Tue 03 Apr 12 @ 6:03 pm
Yes, it's easy:

(1) Purchase or register VIrtual Pro.

(2) Purchase Numark DJIO if you haven't already.

(3) Upgrade to the latest version of VirtualDJ:

(4) Configure Numark DJIO for external mixer use as described on the following page:

NOTE: The latest version of the software should not crash when switching anyway, although it will stop until you switch back to MIDI and re-apply your sound settings due to the fact that the DN-S1200's sound card ceases to function in CD or USB mode (Switching is like pulling the USB cable out.)

Posted Wed 04 Apr 12 @ 3:15 am