<-----I love my son, one day he will be an even better DJ than his daddy

I'm a gear whore!
I currently own:
Denon DN-MC6000
Numark NS6
Numark Mixdeck Express
Hercules RMX

MAGAGAR80 friends



stoppa poppa wrote on Fri 19 Feb 16
Where can I find the mapper for Behringer DDM 4000 on this site can someone answer me through my email .. thank you in advance
Seana23 wrote on Mon 10 Jan 11
Thanx for the friend request. i've friended you straight back. xxx
money grimes wrote on Wed 09 Sep 09
hey brother looks like we have the same setup, I still am having problems getting these things working thru midi. can I send you a video of what I'm doing and see if you can tell me where I 'm messing up, I can only get sound from one channel on either deck.
djchris73 wrote on Fri 12 Jun 09