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Topic: Echo effect that runs further even track is stopped
Hi team,
I am looking for an effect that the echo runs further even when the track has been stopped. Perhaps you know this effect from some Mixers like DJM 600. When I stop the track the echo runs further and will decrease the volume by time. In VDJ the echo stops immediately after I stop the track.
Does someone know an effect wehre I can do the same like on the DJM600?

Posted Tue 17 May 11 @ 3:01 pm
You know you can do that manually right? I do it all the time.

Hit one or 2 on the loop on the pieces you want to loop. U like to go out on a final word at the end of a line or a beat.

Posted Tue 17 May 11 @ 3:22 pm

Posted Tue 17 May 11 @ 3:26 pm

Posted Tue 17 May 11 @ 3:29 pm
thanks for the quick replies!
Echo doppler is what I was looking 4 - wooo hoooo!

Posted Wed 18 May 11 @ 7:28 am
Is there any other link with the echo out that continue when the music stop and the echo droppler

Posted Thu 09 Jun 11 @ 12:49 am
.....and why would you need another link, hmmmmm?

Posted Thu 09 Jun 11 @ 2:58 am
man...i been doing fader echos...thx :)

Posted Fri 10 Jun 11 @ 12:51 pm
preciso de ajuda como aticar echo usando level como butão.

Posted Tue 14 Nov 17 @ 10:52 am
The Echo Doppler seems to not work on newer MacBooks; is there any work arounds to get similar results? PLEASE HELP!!!!

Posted Wed 15 Nov 17 @ 10:02 pm