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Home user
Member since 2011

Posted Tue 26 Apr 11 @ 6:36 pm
So, I bought the item listed above and it did not come with the serial number on the back of the CD sleeve.. OR a manual.. is there any other place I can find the serial number so I can use my controller? The only thing that came in the box was the controller, USB, and CD for VDJ LE... It came with a blank white CD sleeve with the CD in it.. I tried typing in the numbers on the back of the controller but those did not work.. If anyone knows where else I could possibly find them please let me know! Thanks!

PRO Infinity
Member since 2006

Posted Tue 26 Apr 11 @ 6:40 pm
submit a support ticket. If you bought the controller from a 3rd party (not from a retail store) then that person may have already registered the software in which case you won't be able to.

Home user
Member since 2011

Posted Tue 26 Apr 11 @ 6:41 pm
So you're saying once someone bought the item it can no longer be used by anyone else? All I need is the serial number and I wil be able to fully use VDJ LE... So I just need a serial number.. thats it.

PRO Infinity
Member since 2007

Posted Tue 26 Apr 11 @ 6:55 pm
Like he said no one but support can help you. Just submit a ticket and they'll help you. Did you bye it used?


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Member since 2011

Posted Tue 26 Apr 11 @ 7:02 pm
Yes I bought it used.

PRO Infinity
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Senior staff
Posted Tue 26 Apr 11 @ 7:08 pm
If you bought it used then I doubt support will be able to help you. The previous owner has neglected to give you the serial number and you will have to deal with him directly. If the software has been registered by him, then you will not be able to attain the serial number without a software purchase.

DJ Cyder
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Senior staff
Posted Tue 26 Apr 11 @ 10:48 pm
The Answer is here

Quote :

This license does NOT allow you to:
- rent, lease, sell, lend, distribute, publish, bundle or sublicense the Software or any part of it.
- rent, lease, sell, lend or distribute hardware on which the Software is installed, unless specifically authorised by Atomix Productions.
- electronically transfer the Software from one computer to another or over a network.
- decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble, or otherwise reduce the Software to a human-perceivable form.
- modify the Software or create derivative works based upon the Software.

Sorry not the answer you were looking for, the fact is you bought a piece of hardware used, you have no rights to the software.